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Coronavirus and 2020 Elections: Voting During a Pandemic

It is much too easy to get swept away by the chaos surrounding coronavirus and the state of  emergency that our world is in. However, there is one thing that you absolutely must not forget: VOTE! The US Center for Disease Control, as well as President Trump, have been recommending that  there be no events or gatherings of 10 or more people. All events must be postponed until further notice, cancelled, or held virtually. 

So what does this mean for the election?

Your voice still needs to be heard! Pay attention to your local polling locations and government in  order to be aware of any changes to the voting process leading up to your local primary election. Several states have already postponed elections for their 2020 democratic primary due to coronavirus, and it looks like there will be more to come. According to CNN: 

  • Connecticut moved its primary from April 28 to June 2. 
  • Georgia moved its primary from March 24 to May 19. 
  • Indiana moved its primary from May 5 to June 2. 
  • Kentucky moved its primary from May 19 to June 23. 
  • Louisiana moved its primary from April 4 to June 20. 
  • Maryland moved its primary from April 28 to June 2.  
  • Ohio moved is looking to move its primary from March 17 to June 2, although nothing has been officially announced yet.  

The 18-25 year old demographic is notorious for not showing up to the polls. Too many young adults tend to ignore elections because they feel as if it won’t affect them or because they “aren’t into politics.” Do you look forward to taking out loans every year to pay your tuition and board? No? Yeah me neither. So, exercise your right, and vote for someone who funds higher education. Politicians won’t focus on student needs without student support.  

Be sure to watch the news, check your Twitter, follow your local news source on Facebook, and be mindful of the importance of your vote!

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