Changing Outfits as Often as the Leaves Come Falling

As the seasons change, so do our outfit choices. In summer, you will typically see tons of tank tops and shorts, and in the winter, you can typically find parkas and snowshoes if you live far enough north. In the spring and fall months, you will probably find similar outfits with different amounts of layers as it gets warmer or colder and differences in colors as the weather progresses. While everyone has their own style, our outfits tend to mesh well with each other’s as the trends are continuously changing.

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Fall Pajamas Let’s start out comfortable in our favorite pj’s. Now, I know a lot of people often wear athleisure wear to bed because it is so comfortable, but sometimes, I know for me at least, you just want to look cute at bedtime because you’re feeling cute or whatever other reason. When this happens, I go for a flannel or satin pajama set with matching slippers, and sets are perfect go-to for fall when you’re curling up on the couch to pull up your favorite spooky movie and cup of cocoa under your heated blanket.

Fall Athleisure Yes, we’re staying comfy for the moment. Raise your hand if you live in athleisure wear. I know I do, and I am not the least bit ashamed because it is so comfortable and adorable all in one. Everyone knows the typical leggings or joggers with a sports bra and loose-fitting top or crop top look all too well. Try mixing it up a bit this fall and add in some jewel or neutral earthy tones from emeralds to ambers and browns. You can even throw on a sweatshirt or oversized crewneck. I always throw on my Nikes or knitted ankle booties when I go for an athleisure look. This semester, you’ll often see me sporting my black leggings with a UofL sweatshirt and my Nikes, but I will be adding in more earthy tones with various tops from the Popflex Active Terrain collection to mix it up a bit.

Fall Casual For those few actual in-person classes, you may decide to truly get dressed and put on some casual wear here and there when you’re feeling something kind of different from your typical athleisure wear. Throw on some high waisted skinny jeans, an oversized tee, a cardigan, and your favorite sneakers. I know almost everyone struggles to find a great pair of jeans that actually fit everywhere from your thighs, to your waist to your bum, so my number one jean company I recommend to literally everyone is Fashion Nova. I am so disproportionate, and Fashion Nova is the only company that I have found with jeans that fit me, have reasonably priced products, and insanely fast shipping. Fashion Nova jeans are magic and last forever because of the insane quality. For your top, stripes are really in right now, so if stripes are your thing, you do you, girl, and go for it. Rock those stripes, babe. Adding a cardigan is a great transition piece for summer to fall as we slowly break out the warmer clothing for these colder months. You can always dress up your casual outfit with boots if you’re feeling a little dressier, but I normally stick to my sneakers.

Fall Professional I know we are still living in pandemic times, but some people still need to go into work or at least hop on a Zoom video chat. For those days, you can throw on a blazer and skirt or pants set in those jewel colors with a professional top underneath your blazer to have a sassy yet professional look for the workday. Throw on some layered necklaces and some business heels, and you are good to slay the business day away even if it is just for an hour on Zoom. The best apart about Zoom meetings is you could just stay in your leggings or flannel or satin pajama bottoms because all that will be shown are your shoulders and face. Let’s face it, we all yearn for those Zoom meetings where we only have to look half presentable so all we have to do is change our tops back to our pajamas.

Fall Night Out While we are still in pandemic times, places are slowly opening back up nationwide with safety precautions, and that means more people are going out for the night with friends or on a date, and people are probably getting dressed up since we do not get to get out as much anymore. I recommend pairing a ribbed long-sleeved top with a suede or leather skirt, some black tights, and black boots. I have the cutest little faux suede ankle booties with these laser cut-outs I purchased last December, but you could very easily switch the booties out for your go-to knee- or thigh-high boots. You can never go wrong in black with a pop of color.

Fall is the perfect time to switch up your wardrobe. You get to add in all those warmer clothes, prepare for the winter, and truly get to add some edge and sass to your outfits. There are so many options for outfits this fall, but the ideas I mentioned are a good starting point. Try some of these outfits out and put your own spin on then; I would love to see what you come up with!