Ballin' on a Budget: Spring Break Edition

Spring break is getting closer, and people are finalizing their vacation plans, meanwhile you're sitting at home because you can't afford to take a trip, or so you think. I'm going to tell you about several hot spring break locations that you can still go to even if your wallet needs a break too. 

1. Red River Gorge

If you're looking to stay close to Louisville, while still seeing something new and beautiful, you can take a mini road trip to Red River Gorge. The gorge is a canyon system located in Daniel Boone National Park and is home to some amazing views for some amazing prices. Permits cost $3 for a day, $5 for three days or $30 for an annual pass. For a very low price, you could grab some friends and go camping in the gorge to see some of Kentucky’s most beautiful sights. The only cost to you would be the cost of food and water to take with you into the park. 

2. Daytona, Florida

This next one is already a popular spring break destination and not just for the beaches, but the price as well. If you are really looking to get away this spring break but still don't have a lot of cash, consider going down to Daytona, Florida. While it might cost money to get down there depending on where you might be coming from, once there, a room can go for as cheap as forty dollars a night. This means you can enjoy your spring break on an actual beach instead of in landlocked Kentucky for a relatively cheap price. This way you can get your tan on without having to worry about how you are gonna pay for this next semester. 

3. Washington D.C

If you prefer seeing the sights more than lounging on the sand, then Washington DC might be the perfect trip for you. There are so many different sights to see and most of them are absolutely free. The National Mall and the Smithsonian museums are all free. Make sure you take good walking shoes though, as trying to see all of these places over a short amount of time can lead to major blisters, and way too exercise for one spring break. Hotels for the District of Columbia can be a little more on the expensive side, but you can get some right outside the city for cheaper if you really need to save your money. 

4. Gatlinburg, Tennessee

Spring break only lasts a week, so sometimes it's hard to get far away from Louisville in that amount of time. If you want to go somewhere not too far from home, while still having a ton to do, then Gatlinburg might be the place for you. Located right in the Smoky Mountains, Gatlinburg has a lot of great spots for hiking if you are looking to get active over the break. Hiking is also a great way to see the beautiful flora and fauna of the Smokies. Gatlinburg also has a lot of shopping, so all that money you are saving by staying close to home can go to good use. There are plenty of hotels that are very reasonably priced that are still located within walking distance to the main strip.