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I’m back watching another episode of the bachelorette so you don’t have to. This week, it seems like Noach and Bennett will both not make it out alive, or without a rose I mean. The episode starts out with another familiar face, JoJo Fletcher shows up to the resort. “But why?”, you ask, because Chris Harrison is leaving. Before you worry too much, it’s only temporary to drop off his son at college. For the time being, JoJo will fill the role of our beloved Chris Harrison. After Chris leaves, JoJo presents the first date card of the week to Zac!

This date involves Zac and Tayshia getting dressed up for a wedding photoshoot, seems a little premature if you ask me. Tayshia seems pretty nervous about this date, considering she has already had to go through wedding pictures once in her life. Both Zac and Tayshia seem to really open up though, and appear to get along really well. After the photoshoot, Zac and Tayshia open up about their previous marriages and Zac gets really heavy, when telling Tayshia about his previous addictions to drugs and alcohol. Tayshia seems to really enjoy how open Zac is and gives him a rose. 

The next day Tayshis brings some of the guys on an artsy group date. The date starts off with kind of a shock when the guys walk in and there is a naked couple standing in the middle of the room. The boys take their seats and things get a little rocky when Bennett basically manipulates Noah into giving him the seat next to Tayshia. From there, they have to draw the naked couple, mold things out of clay, and eventually open up to Tayshia with their own original piece of art. All of the guys get super personal and all tell really emotional stories. Ben gets a little more raw than the rest of the guys and strips down naked to really show Tayshia his true self. The emotions get the best of our bachelorette and she breaks down crying after they all share their stories, in a good way though. After the date, the guys all head back for the afterparty. After talking with the guys, Tayshia decides that Ben deserves the group date rose, but before the night is over, she notices the feud going on between Bennett and Noah. She says that she plans to get to the bottom of it, and man I sure hope she does. 

The only guy not present on the group date was Eazy, meaning that he is the lucky, or unlucky, winner of the next one on one date. The plan for the date is to explore some of the paranormal aspects of the resort. They walk around with a lantern and thermal reader and get spooked by a lot of things that probably were not as scary as they made it seem on the show. After they finish walking around, they go grab dinner where Eazy makes an out of the blue proclamation. He says that he is really falling in love with Tayshia. He pours his heart out to her, and she sends him packing. Eazy was surprised that this happened, especially since they seemed to have a good time on the date. 

After the date, JoJo comes and tells the boys that the cocktail party will be starting later than normal because Tayshia wants to speak with Bennett and Noah. They are brought to a room, where Bennett presents Noah with a few gifts. The first two seem alright until he pulls out a self-help book for Noah to read. They bicker some more about Bennett’s condescending attitude and Noah’s inability to stop talking about the other guys to Tayshia until she finally arrives. She talks to the boys for a moment until she notices a box sitting on the table. If you want to find out what’s in that box, you are gonna have to come back next week for another recap of the most exciting season in Bachelorette history. 

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