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This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Louisville chapter.

Choosing what to major in for an undergraduate degree can be a very difficult task for some, but just comes naturally for others. Once starting college, many students worry if they have picked the right major or not. This article should be able to give some helpful tips and tricks to determine whether or not you are actually in the right major. However, I do want to give a small disclaimer before you read the rest of the article. It is okay to feel like you aren’t in the right major, it is actually very normal to feel this way once things start getting difficult.

During high school, students are usually required to take a questionnaire asking them everything about themselves, and the result generated gives a list of the best career options for them. These questionnaires should not be taken too seriously, considering the career that was on the top of my generated list was “taxidermist” probably because I said that I liked animals. 

Your career doesn’t have to completely relate to your major depending on what path you want to take later on in your professional and academic career. If you plan on going onto graduate school and continuing your education beyond your bachelor’s degree, let me fill you in on a little secret. It doesn’t matter what you major in, as long as you take the required prerequisites for your intended graduate program. Of course, it is easier to major in something that is correlated to your graduate program, but it isn’t necessary to do so.

Also, make sure that you are choosing what to major in, don’t let those around you choose what you major in. It is so much easier to become passionate about your major and future career if you choose it, and you’re also more likely to stay on the path toward your degree while becoming passionate. It is ultimately up to you to decide what path you want to take, do not make big life decisions based on what other people want you to do.

If you hate what you’re majoring in and aren’t passionate about your future career, do not be afraid to change majors. The process is quite easy especially when in contact with an advisor. When trying to choose a (new or initial) major, do a little research into that major to make sure it is what you think it is. Talk to some people currently in that major or field to make sure that is really what you want to major in as well.

Also, just because you are passionate about something doesn’t mean you should choose it for your major. Sometimes, when you are passionate about something and you start taking classes about that thing and are tested over those things, you can lose that passion you had once before. Don’t let that scare you though, usually this happens to those who were forced to be passionate about something from those around them.

All in all, it is normal to have the concern that you may not be in the right major. Don’t let others decide what you should do with your education, choose what is best for you. Because even if you hate what you’re doing now, it doesn’t mean you can’t just close something else in graduate school. If you are concerned with the major you chose, make sure to ask yourself what you really want in life, and don’t be afraid to change your major, it is more common than you think.

Abigail Exley

Louisville '23

Abigail Exley is from Louisville, Kentucky and she is currently studying sustainability and psychology at the University of Louisville with hopes of having a career in disaster relief and urban planning. Some of her extracurricular activities include being a member of the Beta Gamma chapter of the Chi Omega Fraternity, being a mentor for She Became, and being on the Green Initiatives Committee at the University of Louisville. She enjoys cooking, getting involved with community service, and hanging out with her friends and family.
Campus Correspondent at the University of Louisville I am an International Affairs and Communication major and minoring in French and marketing at the University of Louisville. If I am not studying, I am at the UofL Student Rec Center where I teach cycling/spin classes!