8 Apps You Need as a Student

Especially in this time of online classes, apps and other online tools are essential for students. Getting the right apps can help boost productivity and also help students organize their assignments, quizzes, exams, and more! Read this list to find some of the best apps for students!

1. Quizlet

If you’re a student, you most likely already have Quizlet downloaded. It is one of the best apps for making flashcards and will help any student memorize terms, vocab, and even allows for more detailed flashcards!

2. Google Docs

Google Docs is one of the best apps to have on all of your devices, because you can write a paper anywhere! Once you have anything written on a document on your computer, you can access it on your phone. This is great for doing assignments on the go!

3. myHomework

For a lot of students, having a paper planner is the way to go. If that isn’t for you, having a planner app is a great alternative! MyHomework allows students to organize assignments, quizzes, and tests by class and provides a calendar view for easy visualization of due dates! If you struggle with keeping track of schoolwork, this app is for you!

4. Notability

Notability is a great app for note taking, especially if you have to edit PDFs! It is super easy to highlight and write on a document. It allows for organization of classes and also has a zoom tool for more precise writing! However, it is only available on iOS and Macs. 

5. Microsoft OneNote

If you don’t have a Mac, OneNote is another amazing note taking app! It's great if your college has Microsoft Outlook and is also great if you want to share notes between your phone and computer. The organization of notebooks is super convenient, and it has a lot of the same bells and whistles as Microsoft Word, including a bunch of different fonts! 

6. Word Reference

If you are a language student, this app is a lifesaver. It has dictionaries in over a dozen languages and any word you can think of can be searched and translated. It offers multiple translations and example sentences to see how a word would be used. It’s also a great app for students because it doesn’t allow for translation of entire sentences. It allows for improvement of language study by showing translations but not by doing all the work for you!

7. GroupMe

As college students in a pandemic, GroupMe is a great way to connect with your classmates. Students can make group chats, send them out in Blackboard or Canvas, or whatever site your college uses, and invite other students in your class to join. It’s a great way to ask questions about the class and to get to know your fellow students!

8. Focus Keeper

This is a great app to have if you struggle with looking at your phone while studying. It starts a 25-minute timer as a timeframe to work. Once the 25 minutes run out, it gives you a 5-minute break, and the cycle continues. As a free app, it doesn't actually lock your phone, but it still gives great motivation to do as much work as you can in 25 minutes and then you get a break!

Make sure to use some of these apps and watch your productivity skyrocket!