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7 Safe Activities for This Holiday Season During a Pandemic

During the COVID-19 pandemic, time has seemed to pass by so quickly. Don’t let this holiday season escape your mind! Follow this list for some of the best activities for the colder months!

Take a Walk or Hike

Before the snow comes, hiking is one of the best ways to get out of the house this holiday season! And better yet, it is easy to social distance! In Louisville specifically, there are so many beautiful parks to walk in like Cherokee Park and Iroquois Park!

Bake or Cook

This is a great, safe, activity because you don’t have to leave the comfort of your kitchen! And if you need some ingredients, you can always take a masked-up trip to the grocery store! Bake pumpkin pie, cinnamon rolls, or cook some cozy dinners like warm soup!

Watch Movies

Get cozy with some hot chocolate, a sweater, a blanket, and some friends and put on your favorite holiday films!

Go Out in the Snow!

Once the snow arrives, there are plenty of fun activities to do! Snowboarding, sledding, or having a snowball fight are some super fun ways to embrace the cold!

Learn to Knit or Crochet

This is the perfect time to learn something new and gain a new hobby! And knitting or crocheting is a perfect indoor activity where you can make your favorite holiday attire! There are so many templates online for adorable hats, scarves, and so many more!

Send a Letter

When was the last time any of us wrote out a letter and sent it to someone? If your answer was never, now is a perfect time to start! This holiday season when it’s not safe to see all of your loved ones, sending a heartfelt, handwritten letter is a perfect way to reach out!

Have a Self-Care Day

With the semester winding down and exams coming soon, what a better time to give yourself some much-deserved rest and relaxation! Spend a whole day or even just an hour or two—however much time your schedule allows—to light some candles, get in your comfiest clothes, and read, watch your favorite TV show, or any other of your favorite relaxing activities.

This holiday season we have to make some changes to make sure our loved ones stay safe. So follow this list for some safe, seasonal fun! Happy Holidays!

Emma Donaghy

Louisville '23

Emma is a history and Spanish major at the University of Louisville. She loves films, politics, trivia, organization, and bullet journaling.
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