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Witchin’ Wonderland: Four Films to Help You Transition Holidays

With Halloween behind us and Winter quickly approaching, the seasons are in the weird transition period between Halloween and Christmas (Some people call it Thanksgiving, but…that’s not the point). Maybe Louisiana’s weather patterns have started to affect my decision making, or maybe testing had me too busy to enjoy October while it was here, but recently I’ve been having a hard time shaking that “spooky season” mood. If you find yourself similarly afflicted, here are four films to help you have the best of both worlds. 

The Nightmare Before Christmas 

This one is a little obvious, but for those of you feeling seasonally befuddled, Jack Skeleton knows how you feel. The Nightmare Before Christmas is a tried and true classic involving the best elements of Halloween and Christmas. Jack, also known as the Pumpkin King, accidentally wanders into Christmastown and catches a case of holiday cheer. Jack’s joy as he experiences Christmas firsts and tries to usurp Santa as the ambassador of the holiday will warm your heart in a very fun and Burtonesque way. This is definitely a top pick to take you from creepy to Christmas. 


Gremlins are super cute and fluffy…until you give them water, food, or light. Okay, generally this movie is regarded as a fun family film, but personally, it freaks me out! When a sweet salesman starts looking for the perfect Christmas gift for his son, he comes across Gismo, a little “mogwai,” and things begin to spiral. They multiply, grow scales, and throw old women down stairs. So, if you’re in the spooky spirit, curl up with Gremlins and a midnight snack, but be sure not to share!


Holidays are for family and cheer, but what if you’ve been bitten by the bah humbug? Rather than promoting the notions that holiday cheer gets you a pile of presents, Krampus warns viewers of the consequences of winding up on the naughty list. When Max loses his Christmas spirit, an anti-Santa Christmas demon shows up to murder his entire family. Happy HalloChristmas! 

Die Hard 

In the words of one of my favorite professors, “Don’t tell me Die Hard isn’t a Christmas movie!” The basic plot of the film surrounds an office party gone awry. Terrorists take over the high-rise where the party is being hosted, and, as in every great action movie, Bruce Willis comes to the rescue. Die Hard gives you the excitement and suspense of any good heist film, AND it has the added bonus of being set at Christmas time. ‘Tis the season! 

If you’ve made the decision for indecision, grab a snack and your favorite streaming service, and enjoy your creepy Christmas in November!


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