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Right now I am pursuing a marketing major with an English minor, and after finishing my undergraduate degree, I plan on getting my master’s in business administration. I am beyond passionate about my major and have yet to have a course I hated. Though, Economics was not exactly my favorite. 

The point is that I love the career I’m pursuing, and every day I’m more sure of the path I’m headed down. However, I run out of fingers counting how many students I know who are studying something that makes them miserable or choosing a career based on money instead of passion. 

[bf_image id="qe8sd7-8rgv80-11tbgm"] It breaks my heart every time I hear someone say they just chose it because “It was easy.”, “They make a lot of money.”, or “It’s what my parents did.”. While these reasons could be worse, they often aren’t happy studying or learning about their field. 

No matter where you are in your career, it’s important to remember that you should love what you do! Whether it’s something as simple as being a nurse, working for a small business, or writing for a local magazine, you should focus your energy on what you really enjoy.

[bf_image id="jn75nfc8xj76ncn7k3326s4"] I know that this is way easier said than done. What if what you love doesn’t necessarily make enough money, or is a stable consistent job? Maybe you love something that doesn’t have a career linked to it. I know it’s difficult figuring out a career that is all of those things and you’re passionate about it, but believe me, it can be done. 

There are countless non-traditional jobs out there that you may not even know to exist. Put the work in and do a little research, because we’re talking about the rest of your life. It may not be easy, but if it’s what you love it’s one hundred percent worth it!

[bf_image id="xr4h74q8s2tfwm836g8pxx"] Someone once told me, “Do what you love, and the money will follow.” At first, I thought this was crazy. How could someone depend on that concept? If you think about it, whatever you’re passionate about is where you’re going to put the most energy. 

Maybe you want to have your own business, but you’re unsure if it will work out. If you are passionate about it, you’re going to put so much effort, hard work, and dedication to make it work that the money will follow. Now, this is no promise or guaranteed method, but it’s something I think everyone should hear. 

Do what you love, follow your passion, and everything else will work itself out! 


Alexis McClain

Louisiana Tech '23

As a little girl, I spent hours writing stories. Obviously they weren't exactly bestsellers, but it was my passion nevertheless. I would fill up my notebooks with everything I didn't know how to say out loud, and anything I could imagine. Now, as a college student, I'm chasing my dream one word at a time. I'm currently studying English and Marketing, with the intention of becoming an editor.
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