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Writing may not be the first thing you go to when you manage to scrounge up some free time. Lots of other hobbies may seem more exciting and interesting to you. However, writing can be exciting in its own way. How many of us like to recount our conversations and think of what we could have said instead? With writing come endless possibilities of funny scenarios and conversations. Even writing about your own experiences in a personal journal or diary may provide you with a creative outlet for all your recounting and rethinking. Writing does not have to be reserved for strict school essays. Writing can be a way to express your ideas or make up new ideas in a story.

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Writing about your day is a great place to start. If this becomes a daily routine, a journal or diary that recounts your day-to-day life will most likely become a treasured memento years from now. How about those times when you just barely remember an event but are trying to recall a detail or location? Spending even five minutes a night writing down the highlights of that day could help jog your memory in the future and remind you of events you did not recall at all. In future years, you may find yourself looking forward to reading diaries and journals from years before.

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Maybe writing in a journal does not appeal to you. Maybe you do not want to write about yourself. You could instead use the opportunity to make up a character who is nothing like yourself and write about their life. When writing, the possibilities are endless. There are so many genres out there to explore. Realistic fiction may capture the attention of some potential writers while science fiction may capture the attention of others. Writing a cast of different characters that have a wide range of personalities will allow you to explore different personality types and characteristics. Also, placing these characters in an environment you are not familiar with can lead to lots of interesting research. If you live in a big city, writing characters who live in a small town may be an exciting challenge. 


There are many reasons to write. Writing does not have to be reserved for schoolwork. Writing opens up lots of possibilities for the imagination. In fictional writing, characters can be created to be nothing like yourself or anyone you know. Writing about your own life in a journal or diary can provide you with a time of reflection each evening. Whatever the reason, writing can help fill a creative outlet in a multitude of ways. 

Claire Franks

Louisiana Tech '23

Hi, I'm Claire! I am a freshman and I love creative writing. I am an aspiring high school English teacher.