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“Trust That Sometimes, Someone Might See Something In You That You Don’t Yet See In Yourself”

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Louisiana Tech chapter.

As a woman in the cybersecurity field, I often have a huge case of imposter syndrome. If you are unaware of what imposter syndrome is, it is when you don’t feel like you are qualified enough for the job that you are doing or that you are not doing good enough and that you don’t belong. This has been one of my biggest challenges to overcome, especially when I am surrounded by men throughout my entire career. I am fortunate enough to have a wonderful mentor, and earlier this year she told me, “Trust that sometimes, someone might see something in you that you don’t yet see in yourself”. I did not understand what she meant at all because I think I am pretty awesome sometimes.  


I learned what she meant a couple of days ago.  


Being in my field, multiple conferences are held all over the world for cybersecurity awareness and training, and many of these conferences have student scholarships that you can apply for.  I personally did not feel like I was good enough in my field to be deserving of a scholarship. I felt defeated. One month ago, after a long talk with my fiance and one of my best friends, I submitted my application thirty minutes before it was due, but I did not expect much. Five days ago I learned I have received the scholarship. I never thought I would be deserving of this opportunity and am so honored that I was chosen. 


My fiance and my best friend knew what I was capable of bringing to the table and how passionate I am about my field. People in my life, not even in my field, understand that I have a deep love and respect for the work that I want to do. They knew when I needed a push to get myself in gear, even if it was only thirty minutes before the deadline. You have to trust that the people you keep the closest to you know who you are They are there to encourage you and watch you succeed. (If they do not push you to be a better version of yourself, you need new friends, but that is a different article.) I was able to reach for the stars and get one all because I had to trust that the people around me saw something in me, even if I couldn’t see it myself.

Alicia Centers

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