#TrashChallenge: How We Can Save the Planet

People all around the globe use the internet in different ways: to inform, to entertain, to spread the word of life, or to update when we want to post a selfie. Trends come and go from catchy dance moves to flipping their shoes challenges. There is one particular challenge that is on the rise that is helping to save the planet: the #trashchallenge.


The challenge was started by Byron Roman, a man from Arizona, to help start a movement to help clean up trash and litter for “all you bored teens out there”. Since the challenge has been exposed, it has taken the world by storm. People all over the globe use the hashtag to show off their contribution to the challenge while helping taking care of the planet.


This challenge is for everyone that can help lend a hand in taking care of Earth. For anyone with access to trash bags, a camera for before and after photos, and internet access, this challenge can bring people together and give the internet a good use for the planet.