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With the world in shambles and quarantine, there was a very limited selection of entertainment. I spent my days reading books, watching movies, doing puzzles, and scrolling through social media. One of the most entertaining things I encountered was TikTok. Before Quarantine, I was not too invested in the app, but once there was nothing else to really do, I was all in. I probably spent way too much time on it, but the joy it brought me and continues to bring me is irreplaceable. This generation of people seems to have comedy figured out. There are rarely any misses with the videos that I see and I have so many of them saved to my phone that if TikTok were ever truly banned, I could fuel Youtube with enough TikTok videos for many compilation videos. I constantly watch these saved classics and they consistently cure any bad moods. Here are some:

Tiktok Google Search
Photo by Visuals from Unsplash

“Gen Z as Politicians”


“Brunch at Cracker Barrel During an Earthquake”


“Mission: Microwave”


“Aliens Visit Earth”


“Hey, Y’all”


“Creepy Intruder”


“Back Crack Hack”


“Left My Lunch at Home”


“Duct Taped to the Wall”

Selfie while recording a TikTok
Photo by Aaron Weiss from Unsplash

I probably saw most of these sometime late at night which made the comedy even more potent. I know there are jokes about the different “sides” of TikTok, but I am seriously grateful that these are the types of videos I see rather than dancing or those cringey Point of View videos. It has offered me a safe and carefree place where the only goal is to laugh and be happy. I am really glad that it did not actually get banned those few times. 

Mandilyn McMillan

Louisiana Tech '20

I am a Senior at Louisiana Tech University and I have spent my years studying Literature and trying to learn some Spanish. I enjoy sneaking around with 'non-scholarly' books in my purse wherever I go and having strong opinions where they matter.
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