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Guy Red Guitar Plants Outside Bench Summer
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Simple Hobbies to Pick Up or Revisit

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Louisiana Tech chapter.

Over the course of our lifetime, we have all had a hobby to turn to when we needed some entertainment or a distraction from the real world. Whether it was something artistic or athletic, there was some outlet that we would frequent in our lives. Maybe now we have “outgrown” some of these or maybe we have simply forgotten about them. Here are a few hobbies that may recapture your interest or possibly inspire you to find a new creative outlet.


Many people doodle, whether it be on homework, class notes, or even on scraps of paper floating around. At some point, these doodles may have flourished and led to real sketches and full-page drawings. Drawing is a great way to escape reality for a while and let yourself create something to be proud of.


Fictional writing is a fun way to create interesting situations and storylines to play around with. When writing, a character can be anyone you choose. It might be fun to write about yourself, but slightly altered. Maybe it would be more fun to create a character from scratch and have them play a hero or heroine in an epic story. With writing, the possibilities are endless.


Maybe you have an old instrument laying around that you have not touched in years. Or maybe you sang with a chorus in younger years and have not been involved with a choir since. However you choose to make music, melodies can be a creative outlet to avoid boredom.


There are many ways to be athletic. With so many sports to choose from, it may be hard to try them all and find a favorite form of exercise. Aside from sports, running or riding a bike may be hobbies that capture your interest more. Unlike some sports such as football or soccer, you can run or ride a bike anywhere. Sports are a great way to stay in shape, but the requirements of a large empty space or field may be hard to find. Maybe running and riding a bike are overlooked, but these are both good hobbies to try out. Maybe a new hobby in this area would be the perfect way to spend free time.


This is a hobby I would personally love to become involved in. Scrapbooking is a great way to be creative while preserving memories. This can be as simple as printing pictures from social media profiles or making copies of old pictures in family albums. Even adding important achievements and graduation invitations can make the scrapbook even more treasured. Years from now, a scrapbook made during our college years would likely be a prized possession. And the knowledge that you personally made it and decorated it would make it just that more special and unique to you. 


Yes, coloring. With complicated coloring books on the rise in popularity, coloring is a hobby that is “coming back in style.” These new coloring books have caught the interest of many people. Coloring is a very creative way to be artistic. New, complicated coloring books may please the inner OCD everyone seems to have, no matter how deep down we have buried it within ourselves. Coloring is a very easy way to be creative and get to see the results in the same timeframe.

There are many hobbies to choose from or revisit. Maybe you frequently participated in one of these hobbies while growing up and have since forgotten about it. Hopefully, this list gave you a new idea or inspired you to pick up where you left off. Next time you have some free time or are bored, remember hobbies like this may capture your attention and retain it far into the future.


Claire Franks

Louisiana Tech '23

Hi, I'm Claire! I am a freshman and I love creative writing. I am an aspiring high school English teacher.
Alicia Centers

Louisiana Tech '20

I am a junior Cyber Engineering major who just enjoys hanging out with awesome gals outside of school!