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Reasons to Be a Morning Person… From a Morning Person

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Louisiana Tech chapter.

Sometimes mornings can be tough. Maybe sometimes they can be great? The world seems to have a pretty equal mixture of morning people and night owls. I, personally, would rather wake up earlier and get an early start to my day. The idea of waking up early when it is unneeded may be daunting to some, but maybe it sounds nice to others. After all, with only so many hours in the day, an earlier start to the day may lead to a little more productivity or fun. So…why be a morning person?

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  1. Exercise

It is pretty well-known that some people enjoy waking up before the sun to begin their exercise routines. Runners oftentimes like to get out on the trails before daybreak and some people like to go work out in the gym before work or school. This earlier start to the day may prove to be advantageous to people who exercise outdoors. The temperatures in the summer months stay comfortable in the mornings before shooting up by early afternoon. If nothing else, maybe waking up early will provide an easier atmosphere to work out in.

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  1.  Schoolwork and Creative Outlets

I am sure we have all told ourselves that we will just finish an assignment or chore in the morning because it is just too late to do so at nighttime. People who rise early will likely have more time to work on their studies or chores if they set aside time for it before they start their day. Alternatively, maybe you want to find a good time to read a book or do some sort of Bible study. This quiet and cozy morning time may be just the solution for you. Again, comfortable temperatures may be advantageous to reading and studying outdoors. With time cut out to read or fuel another creative outlet, a nice ad leisurely cup of coffee can be much more manageable. This reason is enough to get me out of bed in the mornings most of the time.

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  1. Organization

If you are having a rushed morning already, being unorganized will not help anything. Staying up late working on a project or assignment may lead to chaos in the morning if there is no time allotted to reorganizing a backpack or bag. Waking up earlier than you need to may help you find a few spare minutes to get your belongings together and lead to a calmer morning routine. The feeling of such a rush in the morning could easily be eliminated by setting the alarm clock back even thirty minutes. Being a morning person does not mean you have to wake up in the middle of the night. Maybe just thirty minutes prior to your current alarm setting could drastically improve your morning routine and organization.


There are many reasons to become a morning person. Becoming a morning person does not have to entail waking up hours before the sun. If your current alarm setting does not provide an adequate amount of time to get ready for the day, setting the alarm clock back just half an hour or so may greatly affect your morning. Mornings are a great time to slow down and bask in the new day. We might as well wake up just a little earlier to get a running start in our days.

Claire Franks

Louisiana Tech '23

Hi, I'm Claire! I am a freshman and I love creative writing. I am an aspiring high school English teacher.