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My Top Five Songs From Taylor Swift’s Newest Album, “Evermore”

It is the afternoon of December 13th or more importantly, Taylor Swift’s 31st birthday. Instead of receiving gifts, Taylor has decided to gift her fans another surprise album! Her 9th studio album, Evermore, was released on Thursday night as an early celebration for her upcoming birthday. It stands as a sister album to Taylor’s previous album, Folklore, which was released in July earlier this year. Evermore contains 15 tracks filled with intimate stories of seasonal heartbreak, questions of infidelity, and a murder mystery! Although there is no correct way to rank a mystical masterpiece such as this one, here are my top five songs (so far)! 


5. Willow

Life was a willow and it bent right through your wind

I think Willow was meant to portray an imagined love story. Taylor provides brilliant imagery that creates a peaceful and magical narrative that is somehow chaotic and suspenseful at the same time. Taylor herself mentioned that the song could be interpreted as casting a spell on someone to make them fall in love. You can watch the music video to experience more of those witchy vibes! 


4. Marjorie

I should’ve asked you questions I should’ve asked you how to be Asked you to write it down for me

Out of every song on the album, Marjorie feels the most personal. This song is written as a tribute to Taylor’s grandmother, Marjorie Finlay, who passed away before she got a chance to see her granddaughter merge into superstardom. I’ve recently lost a grandparent, so this song feels especially intimate. During a time of immense loss, Swift has managed to throw a metaphorical blanket over our barbed wire. 


3. No body, no crime

Este wasn’t there 

Tuesday night at Olive Garden at her job or anywhere

The storytelling in this song is astounding! Not only lyrically, but the sonic quality and images in each verse. It’s one of two full-blown country songs on this album. If you loved Picture to Burn, you’ll probably love this one even more! Each line of the song details an ever-growing mystery. You’ll have to listen until the end to find out what happens. 


2. Tolerate it

I made you my temple, my mural, my sky Now I’m begging for footnotes in the story of your life

In my opinion, Tolerate it is one of the most relatable from this album. It illustrates a story of unrequited love. It shows how, even though you would do and give anything to a person, they might appreciate you. It almost reminds me of the doomed marriage between Princess Dianna and Prince Charles. 


1. Champagne problems

Your heart was glass, I dropped it Champagne problems

In my eyes, this is the best song on the album! The opening piano riff immediately tells you that this song “will not be bubbly” to quote Taylor Swift. When I first heard this song, it felt like a slow dance. One that starts beautiful but ends tragically. Taylor’s vocals are at the forefront, which could be meant to amplify the storytelling. The bridge of this track is definitely one of the best that Swift has ever written. Each line is a journey of rejection!

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