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Sometimes the online job market can be confusing. You might find a posting for a position you like only to find out that the application deadline has passed. Maybe you are having trouble finding a related job posting at all? Well, try out this advice for job hunting online!

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  • Searching for Postings

Google them! I know this sounds like a “duh” kind of answer but hear me out. Google searches for a job posting from all over the internet. It searches through sites like LinkedIn, Glassdoor, and ZipRecruiter as well as individual company’s career landing pages. As for what to type into google when using formats along the lines: experience-level, desired industry, desired work location, and if possible, job title. For example, entry-level entertainment jobs in Los Angeles, California or remote executive architecture hiring manager.


If you know of a specific company you want to work with, then check their “careers” page on their website. Check this page regularly, and subscribe to their newsletter to receive emails about company updates. At the very least, you can stay familiar with their company values and accomplishments. This information could give you an advantage if/when you get an interview there.

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  • Applying for Jobs

Apply for jobs a few months before you would plan to start working them. I recommend this time frame because it allows plenty of time for employers to find/review your resume. They can reach out to you about whether you move forward in the hiring process or not. This time frame also gives you time to apply for backup jobs in case you do not get hired for your first choice.


On that note, apply for multiple jobs! Some people get hired into their dream job right out of the gate, which is fantastic! However, many people do not get their first choice, second choice, or even third choice when starting out. Be sure to apply to multiple places. Additionally, you may opt-out of and/or to reject a position you originally applied for if another company offers you a better deal.

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Hopefully, now you are better prepared to take on the job market. Keep these things in mind when applying for jobs online, and of course, be yourself!


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