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Meghann Haley

First Aid Beauty’s Incorporation Into My Daily Schedule

With a busy schedule, it can be so difficult to keep up with a skin routine. Whether you’re running out the door makeup-less or trying to clear up that one red spot you can’t seem to shake, First Aid Beauty’s products can really make a difference. It’s easy, quick, and simple making it fit perfectly with my day to day routine. 

Personally, my first two “must do’s” when I get up every morning is to make my daily cup of coffee and wash my face. Nothing feels better than fresh and clean skin to start off your day. I tried out FAB’s Face Cleaner every morning for five days and I could definitely tell a difference. Not only did my skin look great, but it felt good too. No skin routine is complete unless you’re left feeling fresh and renewed.

After drinking my coffee and spending fifteen to twenty minutes relaxing, waking up, and having some me time, it would be time to apply my makeup. Before starting to apply makeup, I first used the Coconut Skin Smoothie Priming Moisturizer. This product was my favorite out of the three I tried. It helped my makeup stay on throughout the day and made my face look less dry. Since there were days when I chose not to wear makeup , I also used the product before I started checking anything off my to-do list. This was perfect because my skin looked natural yet still fresh.

Once my day of work, fun, or other activities ended, I took a shower and started my nighttime routine. After showering, I used the Ultra Repair Cream by First Aid Beauty. This product made my face feel hydrated and was like an immediate stress relief. It was a relaxing product to use before settling down for the night. 

Overall, I highly enjoyed each of First Aid Beauty’s products. While I used them in the morning, before my day, and at night, you can use them in any way that works for you. Their products exclude all of the bad products you don’t want to use on your face, and one of their goals is to have results without any irritation, which is great for sensitive skin. If you’re looking to switch up your skin care routine, First Aid Beauty is definitely a company to try. 


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