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This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Louisiana Tech chapter.

Weekends are the one time where college students get to let go and just have fun with their friends. Many people like to spend it sleeping in or lounging around the house, while others prefer to spend it hanging out at the mall or the movies. These are all good options in their own right, but why do one when you could do both? How might you go about this, you ask? Well, the answer is pretty simple- have a sleepover! Sleepovers have been a fan favorite weekend pastime for our whole lives, but lately, more and more college students have grown up without attending a sleepover. Hard to believe, right? This isn’t the only issue that has been arising either. 

For those who consider themselves avid sleepover junkies, answer this: what even IS a sleepover? Due to the rise in new technological advancements, traditional sleepover activities have begun to fade into distant memories. Who wants to go to a sleepover where everyone just sits around and spends the majority of the time on their phones? Whatever happened to the classic combinations of movies and popcorn, video games and pizza, or even the true classic sleepover activity- PILLOW FIGHTS! What has the world come to where a guy or girl can’t go to a sleepover and expect to enter into an all-out war of feathers and fluff? Don’t you worry ladies and gentlemen, for the reason I’m writing this article, isn’t to rant (I know. Pretty hard to believe, right?), but to dish out my personal top five steps to throwing the best sleepover ever!


  1. Day/Night out on the town  One of the best ways to prepare for a sleepover is letting go of some of that pent up energy by coming up with a plan to pass the time before the event. Usually going to the movies and/or a nice dinner with your friends or family can help with that. Use this time to get used to each other’s company outside of a school or professional setting.

  2. Snacks and party packs After finishing up your day or night out on the town, you guys might be ready to head back to the pad and hole up in your room. Before heading home, you should stop by a store and grab snacks, drinks, and other things you feel you need for your night in. The obvious choices include popcorn, chips and salsa, pizza, etc.

  3. It’s not a party without Pajamas!  Remember you’re having fun and all, but, at the end of the day, you’re having a sleepover and sleep is literally in the name. You want to be nice, comfortable and able to snuggle up under a blanket after all of the fun is said and done. Throw on a nice, soft T-shirt and some sweatpants or gym shorts if that your type of thing, or a fuzzy onesie for those of you out there that like to go the more creative and stylish route.

  4. Party Games & other activities This one should be a given, but I cannot stress it enough- HAVE A PLAN! Get together with your guests and come up with a game plan for the night. Whether it’s playing video games, watching a movie, whipping out the old board games, just having a deep conversation, or reminiscing over the events of the week, be sure to know what everyone wants to do. You’re there to hang out and enjoy being together without the stress of school or work weighing on you.

  5. You guessed it … PILLOW FIGHT!!! You cannot, and I mean CANNOT, have a true sleepover without entering into an all-out battle royale of pillows and laughter. Sure, it may sound childish and irrelevant, but it’s all about the fun. Relax, turn on some background music, let go of your doubts and just let the feathers fly. After it’s all said and done you’ll feel a lot better and extremely tired if done right. 


College can be pretty stressful, but it’s okay to let go, have fun, and let your inner child out every now and then. There’s no better way to do it than with your friends. Who says we have to be adults all the time? We’re adulting alright, just in our own crazy, yet memorable ways.


Deandre Evans

Louisiana Tech '22

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