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Netflix & Chilly: TV shows to watch when it’s cold outside

The winter is here and that means time to cuddle up to your man (a.k.a. TV/computer) and watch some Netflix to stay warm! Here are some suggestions that you can watch when it is “Netflix and Chilly”.

New Girl – “It’s Jess!” will be stuck in your head all day after watching this show. Refreshing and absolutely fun and quirky, this is one that you can Netflix and chill to all day long.

Jane the Virgin – A pregnant virgin? Yep! Jane the Virgin is a show all about a pregnant virgin who is accidentally artificially inseminated with her boss’ sperm and how she navigates through life as, well … Jane the Virgin. This hilarious comedy about love, family and crime (yes, crime) will for sure become one of your favorites.

Parks and Recreation – This hilarious series is kind of like The Office, but a feminist version. Starring the always funny, Amy Poehler, along with a cast of other famous funny people (such as Rashida Jones, Rob Lowe, Nick Offerman, Adam Scott, Chris Pratt and Aziz Ansari), the episodes take you through the life of Leslie Knope, a midlevel supervisor at the Pawnee Parks and Recreation Department in Pawnee, Indiana.

Master of None – Aziz Ansari is back with a brand new Netflix Original show called Master of None, where Ansari plays Dev Shah, a young, single, America-Indian man living in New York City trying to master life (hence the show’s title). The show is not only funny, but also charming and relatable. It is about self-reflection and personal growth, and the brilliant writing and “movie-like” shots of the series make it a unique new show that hits on mainstream topics that many other television shows are not addressing.

Once Upon A Time – If you love fairytales – you will love Once Upon A Time. OUAT tells the stories of your favorite storybook characters that got trapped in modern world because of a curse. The twist? They have all forgotten who they are and only one person can break their spell. Who? You must watch to find out.

Californication – This show is sexy, provocative and obscene, while also being heartwarming and realistic. This show takes you through the booze, sex, drugs and family-loving story of fallen writer and single dad, Hank Moody. It takes you through the love story that Hank has with his ex-girlfriend/baby mama, as well as how his playboy, Los Angeles ways, affect his writing, his love life and his relationship with his daughter.

30 for 30 Series – For all of you sports fans out there, Netflix provides the entire ESPN 30 for 30 series. Every 30 for 30 is different, but each tells the story of something important and influential in sports history or sports culture. Some can be funny, some can be sad, but all are extremely inspiring and enlightening, especially for sports lovers out there.



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