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Celebrity of the Week – Daragh Markham

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at London Met chapter.

This week’s London Met ‘Celeb of the week’ is third year journalism student Daragh Markham, a writer for the heavy metal magazine Zero Tolerance.  Originally from Aberdeen, Daragh doesn’t consider himself Scottish but more as an Irishman.

“My heritage is questionable. I was born in Scotland, though not by choice, and half my family are Irish. I lived abroad for a long time thankfully”.

Daragh seems to be enjoying the London life, not least because there’s always a pub nearby which is something that pleases him. Something we could probably all agree with, well me anyway.

“I like living in London because there’s always a pub nearby which, after living in the Middle East for half my life, still feels as much a luxury as it does an inalienable right”.

He also points to the music scene in the capital as being something else that makes London great.

“There’s also a great music scene here. What it comes down to most of all though is that on any Sunday night in London you can wander off from a doom metal gig in east London, walk into a club in Shoreditch and throw shapes with people”.

Asides from writing about music, Daragh is in a band in which he plays the guitar. He also ‘yells’ and “falls off stages for a bunch of heavy metal and punk bands” he tells me.

Daragh isn’t just into heavy metal, but instead enjoys a variety of different genre’s ranging from Jazz to hip-hop.  He enjoys as puts it ‘the finer things in life’, such as a glass of bourbon, Curb Your Enthusiasm and is even partial to Rihanna.

It remains to be seen what the future holds for Daragh, but the chances are he’ll be involved with music and enjoying what pubs London has to offer! 

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