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Cameron and This Week’s Governmental Nuisance

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at London Met chapter.

The British Prime Minister has faced a tough week on two major issues currently on debate and a round ‘No’ from the French.

David Cameron had to overcome the rebellion of members of his own party and the coalition party over immigration laws.

The Tory also saw the House of Lords voting in favour of banning smoking in family cars after the Commons had let the topic die.

Also this week, the re-elected Conservative leader also met with the French President François Hollande that visited the country this week. The main talks were about the possible exit of the UK from the EU but the French President also had something to say on those lines.

Former Home Secretary Lord Howard warned the PM that he faces losing the next elections over internal rebellion on immigration policies.

The Conservative Party is hugely divided about the deportation of foreign people. 104 MPs voted last Thursday in order to power judges to block deportation of criminals that have a family link to Britain.

Until now foreign criminals could invoke Article Eight of the European Convention of Human Rights which gives them the right to a family life and therefore avoid deportation.

Theresa May suggested that terrorists should be stripped of their British citizenship even if it left then stateless.

Cameron stated he doesn’t look forward to get into another coalition with the Liberal Democrats after the 2017 elections.

During a visit from the French President François Hollande, the British PM also assured the UK that if the Conservatives win the next elections, a yes or no referendum on the continuation of the UK as a member of the EU will be held.

Holland strongly disbelieve that the UK should leave the EU. After having a pint and some red wine in a pub in the English countryside, the two leaders might have been joined by the wine but not by the political views.

On another issue: The House of Lords voted in favour of the Labour Party proposal to ban adults from smoking in a car when children are present.

The Peers’ verdict came after the Government’s dismissal of the bid.

Health Minister Earl Howe insisted that Downing Street did not rule out the chance of introducing the law in the future but will not take any action as for now.

A test phase will be conducted to study the results of implementing such a ban not only on family cars but also on family homes.

The current climate within the British society is one of indignation and disbelief as a recent poll conducted by YouGov and Electoral Calculus predicted a Labour victory with 57% of the votes. Tories would get 36%.

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