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Avoid Being Grumpy This Valentines Day: (No Cheesy Card Required)

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at London Met chapter.

We’re all familiar with the saying: when life gives you lemons, make lemonade. I’m applying this to the current weather situation here in London: life is giving me rain, so I’m wearing my most fab pair of boots to tackle these damp days. I believe in making the best out of bad situations. Annoying train delays give me a chance to read more pages of my novel and cold, rainy days mean I can cosy up with a hot chocolate, watch The Carrie Dairies and be very lazy. Whatever the situation: there is always a positive possibility. The same can be said for Valentines Day.


This day of love can either do one of three things:

1. It can make you very excited to spend a romantic day with your crush/boyfriend

2. It can send a lonely pang to your heart when you realise you lack afore mentioned lover

3. Or it can send you into a fit of fluffy-teddy-bear induced revulsion. There is no middle ground.


Singletons spend a significant amount of time stressing over how to get a date. Those in a relationship spend time anxiously worrying about picking out the right gift. And Valentines Day grinches spend a lot of time complaining about lovey-dovey facebook status’. My question is, why all the stress? Valentines Day is about the celebration of love, after all.


In life I find we don’t often celebrate enough or enjoy the things that we love. Sometimes the fun of doing what we love is over shadowed by work load and deadlines, traffic jams and delays ruin the thrill of travelling to our favourite places to meet our favourite people. We simply don’t take time to appreciate the great things in our lives and often get caught up in what we should have. V Day is a prime example: we think we should have the biggest bouquet of flowers and that we should have a date. 

But being single on this annual day of love is no reason to be down. Make the day about you: embrace the little things which make you awesome! Make a date and do your favourite things on the 14th, it’s the perfect excuse to spoil yourself. And you don’t have to share chocolate with anyone- result!

If you’ll be, resentfully, sharing your chocolates with someone this year- don’t let the stress of gift finding get you down! Keep it simple and plan a trip to the place where you first met or had your first date; gifts are great but genuine thoughtfulness trumps even the biggest bouquet of flowers.


Whatever you’re planning for Valentines Day, make sure it’s a stress free one!

I'm a first year student studying Journalism, Film and Television at London Metropolitan University. When I'm not updating my blog or writing for my university's magazine, I like to workout, read girly fiction and go to the theatre. Make-up tutorials and trashy reality TV shows are my guilty pleasures! I'm a girl who loves shopping trips and outfit co-ordination but there's nothing better than pizza night with a scary film and good company! Find me on twitter: @Rosie_Quigley