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Why Women Should Be Using Men’s Razors…

Many women have been starting to switch over to men’s razors, and here is why you should be doing the same…

For many of us, we starting shaving around or just before our middle school years and because of this we were more conditioned to believe that we should purchase the women’s shaving products, but why? The advertising market for feminine products has always been clever. Because girls start this process at a young, pivotal age, we are more inclined to buy the colorful razors, but really the question we should have been asking is “Is there even a difference?”

When I first starting shaving like most girls, I fell into the assumption of buying the “women’s” razor because that is what society is telling you to do. I remember walking into my local Rite Aid and thinking that is such a cute color and not to mention that it said for women, I mean how was I supposed to know that I could be getting ripped off solely because of my gender. Then came my second encounter with women’s razors, and as I walked into Rite Aid with my older sister, she had told me that the men’s razors were cheaper and functioned a lot better than the women’s razor. My immediate reaction surrounded this idea..but how? It’s a guy’s razor and it wasn’t until much later that I learned that she was right.

Think about it: nowadays when you are looking into switching to a new product whether it be a new makeup or hair product, what is the first thing we do? It is actually pretty simple, we look up reviews because we want to assure ourselves that we are getting our money’s worth. And yet the thought many never have occurred when we were buying these razors.

Let’s be honest ladies, we have all fallen victim to the dreadful pink tax, a concept that explains that products for women are more expensive than the ones for their male counterpart.


From personal experience, I can honestly report that the only real difference between these two razors is that they are gendered and the priced at a higher rate. Women tend to gravitate toward the colorful more “feminine” products and what they many tend to lack to understand is the men’s razors provide a cleaner and longer shave, cost half the price and overall a better experience in the long run.

My suggestion to you ladies is to research, research, research before buying any sort of razor. From my experience the Gillette Men’s Fusion provides the greatest quality over the Venus Gillette for Women.

My greatest piece of advice to the ladies out there is to stay well informed of the products you buy and the controversy behind them, so that we as a society can stay well informed and educate future generations.

Hi!! I'm Christina Fazio and I'm a psychology major and double minor in Women and Gender Studies & Journalism at LMU and am originally from the Hollywood area. I typically love to talk about social justice issues, mental health issues and I enjoy the simple things in life including journalism, binge-watching shows on Netflix, and looking out at the Bluff at LMU. Constantly learning new ways to be informed and educated and sharing that through my writing.
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