What 'Lover' Song You Are Based On Your Zodiac Sign

Aquarius: ME! 

Taylor Swift’s first single off of Lover is all about embracing your individuality and acknowledging that there’s no one else in the world like you, which sounds exactly like the eccentric and unique Aquarius! Known for your whimsical, energetic and complex persona, you’d feel right at home in the pastel-colored, Easter-egged world that Taylor created in the music video. 

Pisces: Death By A Thousand Cuts 

There’s only one song that can describe the emotional, sensitive and romantic Pisces. Taylor describes the feeling of losing her relationship as death by a thousand cuts and searching for answers in the smallest of moments or objects. Like ‘Death By A Thousand Cuts’, Pisces feel their emotion on an extremely intense level and often romanticize sadness and loss.

Aries: I Forgot That You Existed 

The pettiest song off of Lover belongs to the sign known for their aggressive and short-tempered nature. Taylor nonchalantly sings about forgetting about all the pain her enemy had caused her and not-so-subtly mentions that she can’t remember any of their time together, demonstrating the honest and combative qualities of the Aries. It’s also a very optimistic and hopeful song with Taylor acknowledging the peace and quiet and happiness she felt after her epiphany, like the joy and optimism Aries are known for. 

Taurus: Lover 

Tauruses are stable, reliable and devoted people, much like the relationship described in Taylor’s title track. Tauruses dream of romantic relationships built off of security and loyalty, which Taylor has finally found in the man described in Lover. However, Tauruses are also known for their jealousy and possessiveness, reminiscent of the lyrics, “I’m highly suspicious that everyone who sees you wants you”.

Gemini: The Archer 

The Gemini is the Twin sign, often thought to be two-faced and have as many good qualities as they have bad. In The Archer, Taylor describes being both ‘the archer’, or the hunter and aggressor in a relationship, and ‘the prey’, the weak, exploited victim in the relationship. She feels like no one would ever leave her, but also secretly fears that no one would want to stay with her. The indecisive and vulnerable nature of the song fits well with the thoughtful and ambivalent Gemini. 

Cancer: It’s Nice to Have a Friend

It’s Nice to Have a Friend is about the fictional romance that slowly builds between two friends throughout their lifetime, leading to a happy, idealistic marriage at the end. Cancers, known for their loyalty, true friendship, and imagination, fit this song perfectly. The line, ‘Have my back, yeah, every day,’ sounds exactly like a Cancer’s faithful nature. 

Leo: The Man 

Only a Leo could pull off the dominant, self-confident, and dignified attack on sexism that is The Man. Taylor asserts that she would be treated with more respect and kindness if she were a man, and her demands to be treated with the same praises and treatment as men reminds me of the assertive and self-assured attitude of the Leo. Leos are bold, fun, and adventurous, as well, similar to the tone of the song. 

Virgo: Cornelia Street 

In Cornelia Street, Taylor describes her fears and anxieties about losing her relationship and never being able to walk on her favorite city street again. Virgos are analytical and tend to overthink situations, much like Taylor and her fears about the loss of her boyfriend even while she’s happy in her relationship. Virgos struggle with opening up and being vulnerable, like Taylor’s fear of her boyfriend and being forced to abandon her city. 

Libra: Cruel Summer 

Cruel Summer is an upbeat, flirty song about falling for the wrong guy over the course of a summer. Just like the flirtatious, romantic, and social Libra, Taylor describes being tempted by and ultimately falling in love with a bad boy, doing whatever she can to keep the relationship going and keep her boyfriend happy. Taylor sings, ‘Said I’m fine, but it wasn’t true’, which perfectly describes the people-pleasing aspect in a Libra’s personality. 

Scorpio: False God 

Scorpios are seductive and passionate, much like the jazz-influenced, sultry track False God. The song has a very mysterious, emotional aesthetic to it, matching the Scorpio’s mysterious shell and emotional undertones. In addition, a line in the song says, ‘You can’t talk to me when I’m like this/ Daring you to leave me just so I can try and scare you’. Scorpios, like the line in the song, are distrusting and jealous, and often act rashly upon these feelings.

Sagittarius: Paper Rings 

Paper Rings is an idealistic, upbeat tune about finding the perfect love. Sagittariuses are optimistic people, viewing life through rose-colored lenses. Taylor uses Paper Rings to reflect on the happiest, best parts of her relationship and doesn’t really acknowledge the fights or negative emotions attached to it, like a Sagittarius often views their own lives. 

Capricorn: Afterglow

Afterglow is about Taylor’s tendency to push her love interest away by growing unfairly angry and emotional with them. Capricorns, who can often stubborn, unforgiving, and aggressive, relate to the same struggles as Taylor describes in this song. Capricorns are sensitive on the inside, but put off a distant or cold persona to protect themselves.