What to Do with Your Life After "Bachelor in Paradise"

Whether you shipped Hannah G. and Dylan from their painfully awkward beginning, died inside when Caelynn still chose Dean or were super stoked when JPJ and Tayshia finally got back together, a dramatic end to Season 6 of Bachelor in Paradise was inevitable. 

Now that your favorite summer drama has come to a close, it’s time to investigate some alternatives to fill your Monday and Tuesday nights.

While watching reruns is one option and crying until The Bachelor 2020 airs is another, I have devised a list of potentially preferable and less depressing options. 

Go on an adventure.

Yes, I understand that these are school nights, but keep in mind that you did devote two hours of your time to staged “reality” drama on your couch or in your bed for the past seven weeks. Two hours outside might not hurt.


So - lace up your tennis shoes, grab a few friends, and drive someplace you’ve never been before: a new beach, a niche night cafe, an underground jazz club, the Walk of Fame. It’s LA - the possibilities are endless.

Check out Sawtelle


If you’re unfamiliar, Sawtelle is a long strip of restaurants and shops, home to all kinds of authentic Asian cuisine. From udon to katsu to boba tea to Dole Whip, Sawtelle provides affordably-priced meals and treats, which are perfect for eating out on a college budget. Some of my favorite destinations are Marugame Udon and Volcano Tea House.  

Have a girls night


If you’re still craving that Omigod- Blake-slept-with-who-at-the-music-festival? melodrama, gather your girls night supplies (re: pints of ice cream, replenishing face masks, comfy sweats, rosé if applicable) and start streaming Someone Great, The Carrie Diaries, Mean Girls, or similar entertainment to satisfy the need for audible gasping.

Cook or bake


If you or a friend have access to a kitchen, trying out new recipes with friends is always a blast. There’s something about coming together to create a meal from scratch or even to decorate cupcakes that is such a special communal experience and makes tasting your (hopefully) delicious concoctions even more enjoyable. I recommend anything brownies, sprinkles, or funfetti.