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Underrated Youtubers You Should Check Out

Youtube.com is a magical website. With over 300 hours of content being uploaded every minute, it is difficult to run out of things to watch. But if you’ve watched every video in Shane Dawson’s ‘The Mind of Jake Paul,’ or can’t keep up with the drama in the beauty community, it may be time to add some new youtubers to your subscriptions. When I’m not binging Jenna Marbles or trying to keep up with James Charles, I like to browse around for newer youtubers.

Here are some of my favorite underrated channels!


ur mom ashley 

Video topics-  Vlogs, Thrift Hauls, DIYs

Ashley’s videos never fail to brighten my day. Her siblings Amber and Andrew are

also hilarious and frequently present throughout videos. Their relatable sibling dynamic paired with awesome editing skills makes her videos feel like you’re watching a hilarious friend.

My favorite videos are her mukbangs and vlogs!


Diana Chamomile

Video topics- Thrift Hauls, Lookbooks, GRWM, Room Decor tips


Diana’s channel is seriously so cute! Her editing skills are crazy good, and each video has its own unique retro feel. She is knowledgeable about thrifting and how to find good quality clothing.

Her video about Reformation sample sales is too cute! Her lookbooks and thrift hauls are also dreamy and inspire me to amp up my outfits



Video Topics- Makeup Reviews, Travel Vlogs

Matilda’s minimalist setup and thorough reviews of makeup make her videos super easy to binge watch. She is honest and funny, and her approach to makeup is natural yet cool.

I love her videos inspired by celebrity makeup bags. Alexa Chung’s (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2XzzQJ9AazE) is a nice way to start of the series!



Video topics- Short films, fashion videos, dance videos

Rochelle Oh/therochellefish is an art student based in Melbourne, born in New Zealand. Her videos are seriously underrated! Her ability to make any outfit look super sleek paired with her artistic endeavors is really special. She never fails to post quality content!

This school-uniform inspired, and primary color lookbook contain seriously some of the coolest editing I’ve seen!


Julia Ling Kelleher

Video topics- Short films, Lookbooks


Julia Ling Kelleher is a director/filmmaker in Los Angeles. Her short films are dreamy and will make you feel like heading to the nearest thrift store for some pastel clothes and film cameras.

Her video ‘China Lookbook’ is super cute!


Tastemade: Struggle Meals with Frankie Celenza

While Tastemade has over 1 million subscribers, Struggle Meals with Frankie Celenza is an underrated series from the channel. Celenza is super passionate and entertaining. If you need a break from the Lair, and need to save a couple bucks, watch a couple videos! How To Throw A Party Under $20  is impressive!

Hey there! I'm a freshman at Loyola Marymount University studying marketing, born and raised in Pasadena, California. I love living in Los Angeles and all things photography, fashion, art, and makeup.
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