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Trending Makeup: 90’s Lip Color


Let’s take a little throwback to the 90’s trend which is now trending again in our era!

The 90’s were well-known for its grunge look, rock band t-shirts, Doc Martens, flannel shirts, bold makeup, and of course dark color lipsticks! Let’s take a look for a couple lip color to re-create the 90’s trend.

1. Goth Plum Lips


The goth plum color really suits the 90s era as it gave the grunge gothic look which is also suitable for formal classy events. Even, Kylie Jenner & Megan Fox are rocking in this lip color!


2. Brown Lips

This lip color goes well with smokey eyes in the 90s era. You can choose any brown tone depends on your skin color. For lighter skin types, go with a brown lipstick with red or orange undertones, the medium skin will suit well with a cooler taupe color while dark will go well nude brown or extremely dark brown color.


3. Black Lips


Black lipstick might be an extreme choice but honestly, this lipstick color is a trend back in the 90’s and look how it gave you the bold and fierce look?

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