Top Ten Most "Feel Good" Episodes of Friends

By Alex Sabo


Picture this: you’re in a bad mood -- sad about a breakup, or your sister yelling at you for stealing her shirt -- whatever the cause, you need something to cheer you up instantly. Personally, a go-to mood-booster for me is watching one of (or all) of my favorite episodes of Friends. Whether you eagerly waited to watch it on live TV when it aired in the ’90s or recently binge-watched it when it appeared on Netflix, people of all ages have developed a love for this iconic show, that leaves you with a smile on your face every time you watch it. Listed below are my top ten most ‘laughable’ episodes of Friends:


1. The One Where No One is Ready: Season 3 Episode 2

Favorite Quote: “Look at me, I'm Chandler! Can I BE wearing any more clothes?” - Joey


2. The One With the Embryo’s: Season 4 Episode 12

Favorite Quote: “He’s a transbondster!” -Rachel

“That’s not even a real word!” -Monica


3. The One With All the Thanksgivings: Season 5 Episode 8

Favorite Quote: “Ooh, I love macaroni and cheese. I love-I love the way this box feels against my cheek.”- Monica


4. The One With Ross’ Sandwich: Season 5 Episode 9

Favorite Quote: “You threw my sandwich away. MY SANDWICH. MY SANDWICH?!” - Ross


5. The One With All the Resolutions: Season 5 Episode 11

Favorite Quote: “They’re still not coming on man and the lotion and the powder have made a PASTE!” - Ross


6. The One Where Everybody Finds Out: Season 5 Episode 14

Favorite Line: “They don’t know we know they know we know” - Phoebe


7. The One With the Cop: Season 5 Episode 16

Favorite Quote: “PIVOT! PIVOT!” - Ross


8. The One Where Ross Got High: Season 6 Episode 9

Favorite Quote: "Ross. Drugs. Divorced... again." -Mrs. Geller


9. The One With Unagi: Season 6 Episode 17

Favorite Quote: “Unagi” - Ross “Salmon skin roll” -Rachel


10. The One Where Ross is Fine: Season 10 Episode 2

Favorite Quote: “Hey, hey, it's fine. It's totally fine. We have plenty of margaritas. It's all good.” - Ross