The Top 3 Best Food Experiences LA has to Offer

Los Angeles has one of the most diverse cultures of any city. Whether you live here or are visiting, it’s important to take full advantage of what we have to offer. One of the most important aspects of any culture is the food. As a proud #LAFoodie, I have had the pleasure of visiting several food destinations that perfectly represent the diversity and intensity of the LA lifestyle. Market-style food venues are perfect for both the adventurer and the picky eater. They are a must-see that embody the spirit of our city. Here are the three best that I have experienced.


Grand Central Market 

Pictured above, the Grand Central Market is downtown LA’s best food marketplace. From Salvadorian seafood to a PB&J vendor, there is truly something for everyone. You can go there to eat or to shop for meats and produce, but either way it is an experience in and of itself. My first time going I had a Leberkäse sandwich from Berlin Currywurst. I haven’t been able to find this sandwich since I visited my family in Munich, so you know that any ethnic food you are getting is authentic.

My Recommendation: Pad thai from Sticky Rice is a must, and finish it off with a milkshake from Mcconnell’s Fine Ice Cream.


First Friday on Abbot Kinney 

In the most hip neighborhood of Venice Beach, Abbot Kinney hosts food trucks every first Friday of the month. There are street performers and huge crowds, and it is an amazing big-city experience. The options include the Grilled Cheese Truck and Rollin Lobster and many more. It’s the perfect place to start your Friday night with a group of friends.

My Recommendation: Ridges Churro Bar has a sundae with vanilla ice cream and a fruity-pebble coated churro that is totally worth the line.


The Original Farmers Market 

Located right next to The Grove, the Original Farmers Market is a hidden gem. If you’re looking for a combo of shopping and food then this should be your go-to. It boasts a variety of ethnic foods, and it’s definitely a celebrity hotspot. If you’re visiting from out-of-state, make sure to stop by for your chance to see your favorite actor doing his weekly shopping.

My Recommendation: Singapore’s Banana Leaf is run by the nicest man who has all original recipes. I would highly recommend!