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Top 10 Beaches in SoCal

So everyone is always really stressed out by the time that spring break rolls around. My favorite way to de-stress is by relaxing and going to the beach. Since Im from LA, I know I will definitely be hitting up some of my favorite beaches so I figured why not share my top 10 favorite in all of SoCal!

10. Venice Beach

Venice, Los Angeles

Venice Beach is always a must when you’re in LA. Not only is there a lot of space on the beach, but what’s right behind the beach is arguably the most entertaining area in Los Angeles. The Venice Boardwalk is the main attraction of Venice Beach. Where else can you find cheap henna tattoos that actually last 3 weeks or the most wacky but amazing street performers? Venice Beach is definitely one to see.


9. El Matador

Malibu, Los Angeles

El Matador is a beach for exploration. With rocks all over and caves to explore, you’ll feel like you’re in a different world. Not much room for laying out on this beach, but going for a walk and exploring all this beach has to offer will not leave you unsatisfied.


8. Crystal Cove

Newport Beach, Orange County

Crystal Cove is a beautiful beach in Newport with amazing sandy coves and beaches that extend for what seems like forever. Crystal Cove also has amazing hiking trails and a great shopping center which makes for the perfect place to pack for a last minute beach picnic.


7. 1,000 Steps Beach

Laguna Beach, Orange County

With an intimidating name like this, most patrons would be quick to avoid this beach, but they’d be missing out on a true experience. First off, there are nowhere near 1000 steps to get to this beach. Second, the walkway down is half the experience, you go through a staircase shaded with tropical trees and flowers. Once you get down to the beach you’ll know the trip is worth it.You’ll find a beautiful cave, crystal clear water, and a lot of exploring, it is definitely worth the way down.


6. Hermosa Beach

Hermosa Beach, Los Angeles

Another beach on “The Strand”, Hermosa beach has a very different feel than Manhattan Beach. It has a very young and fresh college feel to the area, it reminds me almost of being sent back to the 90’s with all the rollerbladers and cute vintage restaurants and bars. Definitely a must to go to this beach during the summer. Warm weather and warm water are my calling, and I absolutely love this beach.

 5. Santa Monica

Santa Monica, Los Angeles

Is it even possible to say you’ve been to LA without experiencing some part of Santa Monica? Santa Monica is Iconic for its pier, its great shopping on 3rd street, and the amazing beach. Santa Monica is a true tourist attraction and it definitely deserves to be seen by all. This beach is a wide sandy beach with so much to offer. On the right side of the pier there is sand galore, perfect for a beach run or just laying out to tan. The left side of the pier has the outdoor skating area, rings and bars for gymnasts, and you can always catch people on bikes and skates.

 4. Table Rock

Laguna Beach, Orange County

This is more of a hidden beach in the laguna beach area. You have to walk through a residential area and down a decent amount of stairs, but what’s waiting for you at the bottom is worth it. A secluded beach with the most clear water I have ever seen, with amazing waves to swim in awaits. If going into the water isn’t your thing, it has amazing sun exposure (use sunscreen!) and a mesmerizing colorful sunset to enjoy.


3. Paradise Cove

Malibu, Los Angeles

Malibu is known for having insane views and insane beaches. Paradise Cove is one of the more rocky beaches with so much to offer. With its own large parking lot, there is a good chance you will be able to park right next to the beach. To the left is the most beautiful rock formations, to the right is a flatter sandy area to relax or take a walk on and look at beautiful beach side homes. Paradise cove pro tip: there is a beach cafe with great food and a mile high chocolate cake for those who wish to celebrate their birthday.  

2. Manhattan Beach

Manhattan Beach, Los Angeles

Manhattan Beach is the epitome of a sandy flat beach. With water warmer than Malibu, this is where you can find most people splashing around when the weather gets warm. Another great thing about Manhattan Beach is all the shops and restaurants that surround the beach area. Manhattan Beach is the perfect place for just about anyone, and for the younger kids and curious adults, there’s an aquarium at the end of the pier with lots of sea creatures and artifacts to look at.


1. Victoria Beach

Newport Beach, Orange County

You would think it’s a mythical land from a painting rather than a local SoCal beach. Small but beautiful is a great way to describe this little getaway location. A very aesthetically pleasing pirate tower remains on this beach. A great place to feel like you are anywhere else in the world, you are surrounded with blue skies, and blue water.

Hi Im Sara! I am a junior psychology major at LMU! I write about things I would love to read about and hope others would love to read about!
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