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Three Things I Wish I Brought With Me My Freshman Year

Rain Boots

Moving to LA from a desert was a very strange transition with many unexpected turns. I was not expecting it to rain as much as it did my freshman year, and I was left wearing my Birkenstocks on many rainy days. I wish I would have just brought a pair of rain boots with me, (and a raincoat and an umbrella). 


Even though my freshman dorm was carpeted, it still felt kind of yucky walking around barefoot before bed. I wish I would have brought a pair of slippers with me. 

Office Supplies

Going into my freshman year, I had no idea that my professors would require things to be stapled or hole-punched and then have the audacity to not provide a stapler or a hole-punch. I wish I would have known ahead of time and saved myself the trouble and panic of buying these supplies last minute. 

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