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Loyola Marymount University Her Campus Executive Board, girls in college smiling
Loyola Marymount University Her Campus Executive Board, girls in college smiling
Rylie Walsh
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The Senior Send-Off

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at LMU chapter.

Well, well, well…looks like we’re finally here! I’ve been excited about writing this article from the moment I wrote the first one four years ago now. 

For anyone scrolling though, here’s a quick recap:

This time last spring, I wrote an article about my junior year of college. The year before that, I did the same thing – just the sophomore year version. Before that, we had the freshman year edition. So, as part of my little self-made tradition, another school year ending means writing another article all about it! And to anyone who has actually read these each year: a) that is literally SO kind of you and b) thanks for sticking with me. 

 So…we’re seniors. 

It’s been this way for a little while now, I know, but the fact that it’s officially our graduation year (which may or may not still be slapped on our Instagram bios) is a huge deal. Obviously, these past couple semesters were not what we expected whatsoever, but the important thing is that we finally made it through.

To bring back (one final time) that old expression about college that my dad taught me: “Freshmen know nothing and know they know nothing, sophomores know something but think they know nothing, juniors know something but think they know everything, & seniors know everything and know they know everything.” 

I think it’s safe to say that the line about seniors feels both right and wrong at the same time. We do know all there is to know about college now. When people come on my campus tours, or come to my register at the university bookstore, and hit me with the “So, why did you choose LMU?” I have genuine answers and reasoning to provide them. 

When I tell prospective students and families I’m a graduating senior and they hit me with the “Congratulations!”, that’s a little bit of a different story. 

Do I feel ready to graduate? Yes and no. Will I miss a lot about LMU and about college life? Yes and no. What about the people I’ve met in college? Lol…also yes and no. Do I “know everything” like the expression says? Definitely a no. 

This year taught me so much. Probably too much to ever put down on paper. I learned how to apply and interview for full-time jobs. I learned how to plan for certain dreams that may not be able to become a reality right now (like no Rylie, you can’t move to NYC on a whim). I learned that dealing with uncertainty is something that feels like it’ll never go away. And I learned how to cook shrimp tacos (which are now eternally going to be in my weekly dinner rotation). 

What did you learn? Senior year may be ending, but that doesn’t mean we have to let go of the lessons we learned all throughout undergrad. 

I said something similar in the past three articles, but I’ll leave you with this: congratulations! This time, it’s extra for-real because we DID IT!   

So, here’s to you class of 2022. Celebrate yourself today and every day, and good luck with whatever adventure is up next. 

HCXO, Rylie

Rylie Walsh is a recent graduate of Loyola Marymount University, where she earned her degree in Communication Studies and English! She was President of Her Campus LMU for the 2021-22 school year and is also a Her Campus National Writer. When she's not reading, writing, or working, you can find her hanging out with friends, SoulCycling, or enjoying her all time favorite dessert: a Pressed freeze.