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Summer Recap ft. HCLMU Staff

The most common question you’re asked the first few weeks of school is, “What did you do this summer?!” You’ve asked, so we’re answered, here are our summer highlights:

Conchita Widjojo

“I studied abroad in Greece for five weeks and learned about Modern Greek Literature, Classical Mythology, and even some of the Greek language!”

Gisella Joma

“I went to Hobbiton in New Zealand!”

DeeDee Durkan

“I was a bridesmaid in my friend’s wedding! It was an amazing and beautiful day.”

Anna Bybee

“I went to London after studying abroad with friends!”

Emily Bjerke

“This summer I spent six weeks studying abroad in Paris! I got to travel to so many beautiful places and some of my favorites were Amsterdam and Barcelona. I was also lucky enough to have my boyfriend visit for three weeks to share the adventures with me. PSA: This picture really isn’t as effortless as it seems, it’s actually one of many from our “Eiffel Tower photo shoot”.”

Tiifany Parham

“I went on a short trip to Ensenada to Mexico over the summer.”

Kaitlin Quigley

I worked as an Orientation Coordinator at LMU all summer and met some of my best friends

Abby Durkan

This summer I saw Adele at staples with my sister!”

Lauren Wesseln

“My sisters, our friends and I were asked to be models for the Angels Stadium premiere suites.”

Alison Eleanor

“Here is me in New York this summer! I had so much fun visiting New York with my mom this summer, we lived out all of our Gossip Girl dreams including visiting the MET and eating macarons! XOXO”


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Deirdre Durkan

Cal Lutheran

An aspiring journalist, majoring in English at Loyola Marymount University. 
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