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Spring Break? More like Winter Break!

If you live in Southern California right now, you know just how cold it is. It’s not even that cold but because there’s so much wind, it makes it so much worse. If you were planning on wearing some cute skirts, dresses, or throwing on that new swimsuit you just got, just don’t even think about it because spring break is more like winter break part 2.

Now that I’ve sadly ruined your plans, you’re probably thinking of what to do now. Well, there are plenty of things to do to have fun!



Go Snowboarding!

Take a trip to Mammoth Mountain with your friends, rent a cabin, grab some big jackets and your snowboard and hit the slopes!

Rent a cabin!

Maybe you just want to just relax after taking so many midterm instead of snowboard, that’s totally fine! Rent a cabin in Big Bear with a big group of friends for a lower price and relax it up!

Have a Bonfire!

It may be cold to go to the beach and enjoy the “sun” and waves, but that doesn’t mean you can’t go. Grab your friends and go to the beach and have a bonfire, enjoy the warm heat, comfort from friends and s’mores.


Go Camping!

Grab your tent and sleeping bag because you’re going camping! You can visit thee campground sites: Mountain Oak Campground, Table Mountain Campground, Pine Mountain Campground, and Boulder Basin Campground.




Visit Joshua Tree!

There are so many things to do at Joshua Tree. You can go to the arch rocky, geology orad, Lost Palms Oasis or take a picture next to Skull Rock!


Build a Fort and have a Movie Night!

Want to save your money, stay warm and just relax? Stay home and build a fort, grab your favorite snacks and watch a movie! Whether it’s with your best friends or your significant other, everyone loves forts especially building them!





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