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Should You Get Your Boyfriend this Styling Product?

When our Her Campus chapter was told that our sample partnership products were going to be from Garnier Fructis, we were all stoked. Not only did they supply products for women to try out, but they also included a pomade for our chapter as well! There were many of these products left over from our meeting because most women in our chapter don’t use pomade, so I decided to take a few and bring them back to my boyfriend, Felipe, who was visiting me for the weekend! Felipe is the type of guy who loves to have his hair either clean-cut or slicked back nicely, so I knew this would be a perfect product for him to try out. 

Breaking It Down

I’ve been to the store with Felipe many times to try and find different pomades to test out and see which one yielded the best results for him. He is currently using Pacinos: Signature Line, which has a Matte finish with flexible hold and no shine. Felipe is a fan of this product and really loves it, but he was very open to testing out the Garnier Fructis Pomade when I brought it to him!

Trying Something New 

The sample product comes in a little plastic slip that can be cut at the top corner and squeezed out from there. Felipe described the feeling of the Garnier Fructis pomade as if it were honey! It did not come in a paste form like he’s used to; it definitely had more of a liquid consistency. He rubbed his hands together to make sure he was making use of all of the product and put it all throughout his hair and styled it to his liking! The photos below show him going through the process.

Final Thoughts?

For the most part, Felipe did think the Garnier Fructis Pomade was a very good quality product and stays true to what it says on the packaging. It provides a polished, clean, and shiny look. He also wanted me to add that he did love the way it smelled, too. Felipe personally loves a matte look finish when he has his hair grown out a little longer. He did say, though, that when he gets his hair cut short again he would love to use this product again because he believes a shine and medium hold pomade looks and works better on shorter hair. 

Avery is a Communication Studies major at Loyola Marymount University. She is from San Jose, California and now currently lives in Los Angeles. Avery is obsessed with all things Disney, Movies/TV shows, music. She is also an avid music festivals goer and enjoy concerts and musical performances. Avery is very excited to be apart of HerCampus LMU and can't wait to see what the future holds for her! ♡
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