We are all obviously aware that Sephora is THE place for all things beauty and skincare! Whether you’re looking for some new makeup or for products to refresh your skin from that makeup, Sephora is the place to go. As the Sephora-obsessed person I am, I was beyond excited to receive the opportunity to go to SEPHORiA, Sephora’s second-annual all things beauty event.




Before I continue, I guarantee you’re probably wondering what SEPHORiA even is, or if maybe I’m misspelling “Sephora” or “Euphoria”. SEPHORiA is the beauty event of the year. Sephora hosts almost every brand you can think of, each having interactive booths with professionals explaining their products and giving them out for free. It’s honestly like trick-or-treating for makeup. Upon entry, you receive a huge, empty Sephora bag, and by the time you leave, it is overflowing with goodies. Whether it be brands like Tarte, Fresh, and Fenty Beauty, or upcoming brands, I was able to expand my knowledge on the products I already use and love, and have the opportunity to fall in love with new products. Along with the bundles of free product, there were a ton of celebrity and fashion/beauty influencers and masterclasses by the makeup masters themselves. Some of these guests included NikkieTutorials, Patrick Ta, and Manny Mua. Along with all of the free goodies, classes from the masters, and celebrity sightings 101, this was the best place for Instagram photos. No joke, think Refinery 29’s ‘29 Rooms’, but with a makeup twist. I probably have enough content for the next year! To top off all of the perks of this event, Sephora partnered with the Container Store to offer a pop-up shop called “The Beauty Closet” to sell upcoming makeup not yet launched in-store and other products from the brands at the event for discounted prices. Just when I thought it couldn’t get any better, I  received free swag bags when leaving the event. The GA ticket-holders received $250 worth of things in their bags, while the VIP received over $900 worth! Whether you go general admission or VIP, SEPHORiA is an event for all beauty lovers and something I for sure am marking in my calendar for next year. Until then, I’m going to enjoy the boatloads of free product I received from this year’s SEPHORiA.  

EMILY RONNENBERG pictured with PATRICK TA, of Patrick Ta beauty and celebrity makeup artist