Redefining Your Lazy Sunday: Melrose Edition

I am a huge proponent of finding any excuse to stay in bed on a Sunday and making a late brunch the only event of the day, but who says you can’t laze around town and still get some much needed R&R?

Last Sunday I put this theory to the test, and it went better than expected! I felt accomplished and uplifted after spending most of the day out and about with friends, leisurely strolling through racks of vintage tees and sipping on my new favorite decaf tea blend. I finally explored a neighborhood that had been on my bucket list since freshman year and scored a perfect pair of raw-hem Levi’s that fit like a glove. While I have plans to skillfully accumulate as many hours of sleep as I can this Sunday, mixing up my routine was a great way to get out of the LMU bubble.

Recap of the Day:

The first stop was Melrose Trading Post at Fairfax High School. Definitely take advantage of the free valet parking, but note there is a $3 entrance fee. I believe most vendors accept credit cards now, but there are ATM’s on site and bringing cash just in case is never a bad idea! It’s easy to get lost in the maze of booths full of vintage merchandise, so if you’re feeling overwhelmed, check out the live musicians and variety of street-food type fare.

If you are feeling up to the walk, Alfred Tea Room is about twenty minutes away by foot. You can window shop with ease and finally pose in front of the pink wall at Paul Smith. After all of the hype, I was not disappointed! Alfred Tea Room is adorable and their tea is crave-worthy. While I opted for the Caffeine Free Apple Almond Hot Tea, the Rosy Almond Milk Boba was also very good! The opposite of Melrose Trading Post, this tea room accepts card only!

After sipping on our tea and strolling back to Fairfax High School to pick up our car, we drove over to Jet Rag for its $1 Sale which happens every Sunday. You definitely have to hunt, as the sale merchandise is piled in the front lot with little to no organization. Inside, the racks are organized by category and colorized. If you have a large bag or backpack, you are asked to leave it at the register and pick it up when you leave. They have a good selection of outerwear, accessories, and era costumes!

All in all, it was a perfect mix of Retail and Relaxation! What are your Sunday plans?