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By: Ruby Clemons

Does anyone else feel like this month flew by, but was also a long and exhausting one at the same time? I know that I did! But now that midterms are coming to an end, October is almost over, and Thanksgiving Break is just around the corner…I thought I would start the gift of giving a little early and give you all a serotonin boost. Thanks to boarding school and college, I have friends who live in lots of different places. And those friends all have the cutest dogs, so I asked them to send some photos and answer a few questions about them. Hope you love them as much as I do!

First up we have Rosie!

Now I know I’m biased with this one, but what else would you expect? I love my pup the most. Saying goodbye to her when I left for college was definitely the saddest one I had to make. Sorry parents! She is my best friend and I am so excited to see her again when I go home for Thanksgiving.

Breed: Cardigan Corgi
Age: 6
Favorite things to do: Going on walks to the beach, cuddling on the couch, and lying in the good ol’ corgi “sploot”

Least favorite thing to do: Going for a swim (for understandable reasons, she’s got little legs)
Good habits: Sitting when told to, and putting up with my constant picture taking

Bad habits: Talks back, and will come burp in your face when she’s done eating
Currently living in: Washington, USA

Now, for our first duo: Peatah and Cindy! These two have been together for a while, and they are such an adorable set of besties. They have my heart, and I know they’ll have yours too! I went to high school with these beautiful pups’ owner. And they sure are lucky to have one someone as amazing as her.

Just look how happy these cuties are!


Breed: Husky mix
Age: 11
Favorite things to do: Snuggling and chasing Peatah around the yard
Least favorite thing to do: Walking on hardwood floors
Good habit: Very good listener

Bad habit: Loves getting in your personal space

Currently living in: BC, Canada


Breed: Alaskan Malamute/Lab mix

Age: 8

Favorite things to do: Going for walks and eating lots of snacks

Least favorite thing to do: Getting his ears brushed

Good habit: Gives the best kisses

Bad habit: Pulls on his leash when he goes on walks

Currently living in: BC, Canada

On the topic of pairs… next up we have Loki and Zuri. Yes, the Marvel references for both their names were on purpose! The family are fans. They belong to my very good friend who I am incredibly grateful for as she gives me lots of updates on her pups. Who are also the sweetest ‘sisters from different misters’ duo I’ve seen.


Breed: Island mutt from Hong Kong
Age: 3
Favorite things to do: Going to the beach, digging in the sand, and finding crabs
Least favorite thing to do: Be around air conditioners
Good habit: Likes to bring dead things to her people as a gift (yes, maybe a little gross, but it’s the thought that counts!)
Bad habit: Used to be a nervous pee-er, but is no longer!
Currently living in: Hong Kong, China


Breed: Black Lab

Age: 4 months old

Favorite things to do: Chewing on cables, sleeping, and going to the beach with Loki

Least favorite thing to do: Wearing her lead

Good habit: Likes to share her food with everyone

Bad habit: Nervous/excited pee-er

Currently living in: Hong Kong, China

Speaking of black labs… we have the Jack Asche.

Yes, his owners named him Jack on purpose. But he is the opposite of a pain. Just look at that smile of his! He is the best boy and the lovely pup of a dear friend I’ve known for a little over 5 years now. One thing that might actually qualify him as a little bit of a pain, is that he’s quite the friendly dog. Meaning he loves to take off and introduce himself to everyone.

Breed: Black Lab Age: 3

Favorite thing to do: Going on walks

Least favorite thing to do: Being away from owners for too long

Good habits: Very good at sitting and giving high fives when told to

Bad habit: Running across the street to go meet other dogs

Currently living in: Utah, USA

Next up we have the one and only Boomer! This big dog is one big sweetheart. He is the pampered pooch of another amazing friend of mine from high school. And just look at how sophisticated he looks at that table! I think he should be allowed to sit there all the time. He fits right in.

Breed: Mutt – mix of great Pyrenees, Irish Wolfhound, and Terrier

Age: 5

Favorite things to do: Playing monkey in the middle and going for a dip in the pool

Least favorite thing to do: Baths

Good habit: Patiently waits for permission before eating a treat

Bad habit: Loves to sit in a chair at the kitchen table

Currently living in: Saskatchewan, Canada

We have one final duo: Oakley and Bella! So far, I’ve spent the most time with these two out of everyone else… and they are wild dogs. But we love them. These pups are always excited to meet new people, but be warned! They will absolutely love to get all up in your personal space and steal your socks. This may or may not have happened to me on a few occasions. They are very cool dogs though, I mean just look at them together! That picture could be an album cover.


Breed: Yellow Lab/Pyrenees mix

Age: 4

Favorite thing to do: Love love loves eating food

Least favorite thing to do: Anything involving cats

Good habit: Waits outside to get his paws wiped off before going back inside

Bad habit: Pulls towels off their hooks

Currently living in: BC, Canada


Breed: Mutt – Yellow Lab/Pit Bull mix + some more

Age: 4

Favorite things to do: Running around and snuggling with Oakley

Least favorite thing to do: Walking on a leash

Good habit: Also waits outside to get her paws wiped off before going back inside

Bad habit: Likes to eat her owners underwear

Currently living in: BC, Canada

Now for another pittie, we have Sansa! Look how gorgeous those eyes are. She is a very stunning and very ditsy pup. Sansa belongs to one of my coolest cousins who moved back to Washington from Hawaii. Sadly, she could not accompany my cousin on the move, and is still in Hawaii with some other family. So my cousin misses her pup as much as I miss mine. Keeping my fingers crossed that they can be reunited soon!

Breed: Catahoula/Red Nose Pitbull mix

Age: 2

Favorite things to do: Going for car rides, running very fast, chasing crabs at the beach, chasing things in general—frogs and chickens—but she has yet to catch anything yet, and cuddling of course! (She thinks she’s a lapdog)

Least favorite thing to do: Being in the cold

Good habits: Fast learner and a great listener

Bad habit: Chews things up when she’s anxious

Currently living in: Hawaii, USA

And now, coming back to small dogs, we have Chopper! Look at this delightful bundle of joy. This is one precious pup for sure. He belongs to a wonderful friend of mine, and looks like the best snuggler. I have yet to meet this sweet boy. I’m excited for that day to come!

Breed: Miniature Pinscher/Terrier mix

Age: 6

Favorite thing to do: Sleeping and cuddling in tight spaces

Least favorite thing to do: Going to the groomers

Good habit: Great travel buddy

Bad habit: Eats grass

Currently living in: California, USA

And last, but certainly not least, we have Layla. She is quite small and a little ‘not there’ anymore, but she loves a good snuggle. She is missing most of her teeth, hence the tongue sticking out. She is a sweet dog though, and I love this goofy girl.

Breed: Chihuahua

Age: 9

Favorite thing to do: Being warm

Least favorite thing to do: Being cold

Good habit: Always ready to cuddle

Bad habit: Can’t keep her tongue in her mouth

Currently living in: BC, Canada

That’s all I got for you! I hope everyone loved looking over these pictures and learning about these dogs as much as I did.

And now I have to go.

You see, all this talk of pups has made me miss Rosie a little extra today. I’m going to FaceTime my mom now so that I can see my favorite girl!

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