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The Pros and Cons of Being Tall

CON: Getting ready and putting together a cute outfit only to stand in the back row of a group picture

PRO: Not having to spend the extra money to get a dress alter/shortened

CON: But also having to rock ankle jeans and three-quarter length sleeves on the daily


CON: Not trying on a dress at the store and coming home to realize it is actually a shirt on you

PRO: Always having a good view at concerts

CON: Everyone behind you makes you feel bad



PRO: Having an easier time than your roommate getting on to your lofted dorm bed

CON: Feeling like you should always just wear flats



PRO: But looking extra fab in some tall heels!!


CON: Awkwardly trying to hug someone shorter than you

PRO: No one uses you as an elbow rest.

CON: The never-ending struggle of trying to find a significant other taller than you.

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