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The One Where I Rank Rachel Green’s Outfits from Season One

It’s been 25 years since the first episode of Friends aired on television, and the show’s characters still heavily influence pop culture today. Rachel Green, a notable main character, is admired by many fans for her outfits and various hairstyles. With the growing trend of 90s-themed apparel, Rachel Green is the perfect character to get some fashion inspo from! 

Over the course of 10 seasons, Rachel has worn at least 700 outfits. Many of her iconic looks come from the first season and I’m here to rank them from worst to best (of course, the great majority of her outfits are very cute!). I took 28 unique outfits she wore in season 1 to rank, excluding those that look similar in nature and style, of course.

28. The One Where Rachel Looked Like a Hot Mess

                              27. The One with Rachel’s Ugly “Christmas Sweater”26. The One with the Sad Peter Collar

25. The One with the First Aid Kit

24. The One with the Cute Scoop Neck 

23. The One with the 80’s-Themed Skirt21. The One with the Funeral Fit

20. The One in All Black

19. The One with the Vest Dress

18. The One with the Baby Tank & Overalls

17. The One with the Basic Button Down and Lace Tank

16. The One with the Graphic Baby Tee

15. The One Where Rachel is Probably Wearing Keds

14. The One with Plaid and a Turtleneck

13. The One with the Playful Plaid

12. The One with the Silk Mesh Button Dress

11. The One the Rose Heart  and Plaid

10. The  One with the Velvet Turtleneck9. The One with the Classy Cable Knit

8. The One with the Corduroy Overalls

7. The One Where Rachel Can’t Get Enough Plaid

6. The One with the M&M Buttons

5. The One with the Brandy Melville Tee

4. The One with the OG Off-the-Shoulder Top

3. The One with the Monochrome High-Low

2. The One with the Birthday Romper

 1._The One with the Autumn Inspo

The One with the Bonus: First Episode, First Fit


Vivian is a junior majoring in journalism. She was born and raised in Los Angeles, California. In her free time, you will often find her watching sitcoms, crocheting, reading, or scrolling through Twitter for the best memes.
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