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Olivia O’Brien Exposes Mystery Man on Call Her Daddy

On this Wednesday’s episode of hit podcast Call Her Daddy, host Alexandra Cooper interviewed musician Olivia O’Brien on her recent hit “Josslyn,” ex-boyfriends, and her craziest Los Angeles nights. 


O’Brien shared the story of her best friend and roommate, Charley Bouquez, getting into a toxic relationship with another LA social media socialite. She describes the boy as “a little internet boy a long time ago” but does not use his real name.


She goes on to describe how Bouquez helped her then-boyfriend get his life together, get a license, and learn how to clean his home. However, after a few months of dating in November of 2019, Bouquez got an Instagram direct message from a girl claiming to have had a secret relationship with the boy via his private Snapchat account. 


Upon confrontation, Bouquez finds a secret Snapchat account on his phone, where he exchanges graphic photos with hundreds of his fans, even telling some he plans to fly them out to LA.


“Some of them could have been underage, who knows.” says O‘Brien. 


After breaking up for a short period of time, they got back together when he promised to change and stop using his secret Snapchat account. O’Brien then shares that the day Bouquez broke up with the boy for unrelated reasons, she receives another direct message from a girl with the same story. 


According to O’Brien, the second girl shared receipts of interactions with the boy from May, six months after he had promised to delete the account.


So, who is this mystery man?


As a dedicated Call Her Daddy listener myself, I conducted my own internet search to investigate his identity. After a deep dive through Google, I found evidence of Bouquez’s relationship with Hayes Grier. 


You may know Grier from his popularity on Vine alongside brother Nash Grier. Since the app was deleted in 2017, both brothers have continued making social media content on Instagram and YouTube. 


Although many of their social media posts together have been deleted, a few photos and videos are still surfaced online. 


In one of Hayes Grier’s past Instagram stories, you can see him and Bouquez sharing a noodle of spaghetti, Lady and the Tramp style.  


A photo originally shared on Instagram shows Bouquez on Grier’s dirt bike. Although Grier has a helmet on which hides his face, fans will recognize this dirt bike as his own from other social media posts, as he always uses the number seven. 


While O’Brien did not reveal a name, she also added that the boy was 20 years old, Grier’s exact age. Although the musician was careful to conceal his identity, she gave just enough information to keep fans guessing. 

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