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A Non-Basic List of the Top Movies to Get You in the Holiday Spirit

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at LMU chapter.

So it’s officially post-spooky season: people are getting their Christmas decor out, listening to their holiday hits playlists, and drinking the seasonal peppermint mocha drinks from Starbucks again. I mean, who doesn’t love this time of year? The warmth and joy that comes with the holiday season is something that people look forward to all year; I always ring in the holiday season with my favorite movies that make me feel warm and fuzzy inside. Whether you watch them alone, in bed, or with your friends at your Friendsgiving next week, these hit movies will be sure to leave you in the holiday, gushy mood all the way until New Years.

Harry Potter

This classic series is bound to leave you feeling nostalgic and as if you could suddenly wake up with magic powers. Especially in the first movie, the Christmas scenes tap into your heartstrings and make you so excited to be around friends and family, and pull out those chunky ugly Christmas sweaters once again.

The Holiday

I watch this movie, religiously, every year. With a cast of Cameron Dias, Jude Law, Kate Winslet, and Jack Black, how could this movie not be amazing? This film combines a mix of relatability and wholesomeness that you can’t find anywhere else. It makes you want to cuddle up with your loved ones and drink some hot chocolate near the fire with no care in the world.


Yes, this may come as a shock that this movie made it to this list, considering it came out a month ago, however, I loved it! It was such a unique movie: it was funny, relatable, and cute, without getting too sappy. No matter if you are single or not, this movie will be sure to make you excited to attend the upcoming holidays with friends and family (mostly because it teaches you that it’s ok to not have your sh*t together).

Cheaper By the Dozen

This movie does not get enough credit- it’s hilarious and unlike any movie out there! The few Christmas scenes it has in it, make you think back at your crazy family and laugh at how relatable the family fight scenes are. That being said, the ending also makes you appreciate your loved ones and makes you want to sit around and have a huge meal together.


This doesn’t need any explanation. You just know.

Home Alone

I had to add this classic movie on here- Home Alone will truly never go out of style for the holidays. It is adorable, nostalgic, and makes you appreciate your family, while still getting some exhilarating fight scenes- I mean, who doesn’t love seeing a kid beat up two felons?


Something about this movie screams holiday vibes to me. Maybe it’s the fact that it’s made in the 90’s and filmed in New York City or that Tom Hanks performs in a Children’s Toy Shop, but it never fails to make me feel right at home. 

Mean Girls

Which part makes you feel more in the holiday spirit: When all the characters give each other candy grams or when they perform at their holiday talent show? Either way, this movie made cinematic history for the best holiday dance in a high school movie and is the definition of the perfect 2000’s movie. It’s hilarious, cute, and a classic. 

When Harry Met Sally

For me, it’s definitely the fall leaves that make this movie feel like the holiday season. That, mixed with a New York winter makes it the perfect combination of the start to a cold, yet magical holiday.

Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory

Lastly, it’s everyone’s childhood favorite and the reason some of us were chubby children (me :) ). This movie just makes you want to sing, dance, and stuff your face with amazing desserts with your loved ones- something everyone looks forward to during the holidays.

Alexis ( or as her friends call her -- Alex) is a Marketing major at LMU. Her life wouldn't be complete without music (more specific-- Foster the People), fashion, food and her family. You can easily find her at a concert or exploring cities such as LA and NYC. She lives for thrifting and finding the best deals on clothing.
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