Never Feel Guilty about Spending Money on Jewelry Ever Again

I came across this amazing website for jewelry and loved their products. I went to purchase this cute pair of earrings and rings when I found the story behind the jewelry. All the jewelry is made by rescued sex trafficked victims. Making jewelry provides them with a community, a source of income and most importantly: purpose. It keeps these women away from the sex trafficking industry. Normally when my cart gets full and the price slowly inches into an expensive zone, I have to remove items out of guilt. Now, each piece of jewelry I buy and wear, I know I am making a difference in these women’s lives. What drew me to the website initially was the stylish accessories, but after hearing the story, it has become my number one jewelry place. All of the proceeds go to the International Sanctuary helping young women escape sex trafficking around the world. These handcrafted, affordable jewelry is unique enough to only be found here, but simple enough that it can be worn with anything. Next time you need jewelry or a gift for a friend, buy it here. Whenever you can, spend money on what you believe in and in helping others. This is the ultimate win-win. You donate to these women and in return get amazing jewelry you would have purchased anyways.


Rachel Recommends:


Golden Coast Earrings- $22

The perfect pair of earrings that dangle at the right length and are simple yet elegant. It comes in brass and silver.


Rise Studs- $22

“These miniature bar studs are so simple you'll want to wear them with everything! A polished, smooth finish will adds a touch of shine.” The website describes them perfectly. I could not have said it better. I wear these studs everyday and they add to every look.



Aria Ring- $26



I just love this ring.




Golden Coast Choker- $24



These go perfectly with the Golden Coast earrings. Chokers are a perfect accessory for a going out or lounging outfit.


My suggestions are more simple because I like the accessories to not over power my look. They have more elaborate jewelry and I one thousand percent think everyone needs to check out this website and support these women.