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The Must-See Documentary That’s Hoping to Change the Conversation About Domestic Violence

“Scars Unseen,” a six part documentary directed and produced by She TV Media hopes to change the narrative around domestic violence by starting a conversation about this topic. The goal of this conversation is also to bring awareness to domestic violence and to celebrate the progress that survivors have made with their mental health through the sharing of their stories. She TV Media, founded by LMU alumni Meredith Yinger and Natalie Perez, is focused on starting tough conversations about topics that are not frequently or openly discussed, such as domestic violence, that have left scars on those around us. This documentary specifically focuses on overcoming the past and positively moving forward in life post-trauma.


The title “Scars Unseen” represents the unseen emotional effects that domestic violence has on survivors. This project aims to provide strategies for overcoming these scars through the use of professional personnel and stories from survivors. “Scars Unseen” is trying to change the negative conversation around domestic violence to a positive one that can bring comfort and healing. Check out the links below to learn more information about donations and the release date!



To learn more about “Scars Unseen,” visit https://www.youtube.com/watch?time_continue=2&v=xK_7aihRJWY or https://www.shetv.me/scarsunseen


If you would like to donate to the making of “Scars Unseen,” visit https://www.seedandspark.com/fund/scarsunseendoc#story


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