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Must Listen Podcasts

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at LMU chapter.

Podcasts are growing as a popular form of media. They’re convenient ways to learn about something you’re interested in or listen to hilarious people. From commutes to the gym, podcasts are easily accessible and  vary in length, so if you can’t listen to something for more than twenty minutes, there’s a podcast for you. The following are must listen podcasts that consistently deliver with every episode.

Glowing Up with Esther and Caroline

This hilarious podcast is hosted by Esther Povitsky (Crazy Ex Girlfriend and Alone Together) and Caroline Goldfarb (writer). These two talk all things glowy: skin care, makeup, health, fitness and lifestyle. Sometimes they bring on a guest who is established in some field of beauty (think Golden Sun Shyne, who did Beyonce’s makeup for Lemonade). They do product reviews and are honest about which products are good and which are not. Episodes include “glow ups”, which is when they do something that improves their lifestyle, or a “glow down”, which is when they do something that isn’t particularly glowy. If you like beauty, lifestyle, and laughing, this podcast is for you. Episodes are on the longer side, typically about an hour, so this is great for long commutes.



LadyGang follows the lives of Keltie Knight (Entertainment Tonight corresponder), Becca Tobin (actress known for Glee) and Jac Vanek (Jac Vanek clothing line). This podcast is always entertaining. These ladies talk all things life and never fail to make listeners laugh. All are honest and speak their minds. Most episode they are joined by famous guests (Darren Criss, Jenna Fischer, and Lea Michele, to name a few). This podcast is on the longer side (typically an hour), so it is perfect for longer commutes,


Happier with Gretchen Rubin

Happier is a podcast hosted by Gretchen Rubin (author of The Happiness Project, The Four Tendencies and more) and co hosted with her sister Elizabeth Craft (a Hollywood TV writer). This podcast talks all things happiness: how to be happier, daily hacks to implement in your life to improve happiness, and guest stars who also know about happiness. This podcast has great tips for living a happier life and for improving your overall life. Episodes are usually 30-40 minutes and perfect for shorter commutes.

Short & Sweet

This podcast is perfect for any young woman because it discusses all things adulting.This podcast is a great reminder that not every attempt at adulting is perfect and it’s ok to not be perfect. This podcast is hosted by Kady (producer based in LA) and Brook (writer based in LA), and they are also joined by “The Universe” (think mysterious man with a delicious voice). This podcast is funny, honest and sincere. These two inspiring women keep it real about being an adult. Podcasts range from 20-30 minutes and are great for shorter commutes, or while doing boring adult things.