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Most Underrated L.A. Coffee Shops You Need to Try ASAP

If you’re like me and you love coffee all. the. time. but are getting bored of your classic Starbucks run, here are some coffee shops in L.A. to spice up your life!


1. Two Guns Espresso

There are three different locations of Two Guns, and personally, I’ve only been to the one in Manhattan Beach on Highland Avenue. Two Guns is some of the best coffee ever in my opinion. Their menu is simple and yet they do it so well. At the Manhattan Beach location, it is not a far jaunt to get your coffee to-go, head to the beach and take in the morning views of the ocean. My order here tends to be an iced sugar free vanilla latte with oat milk, but occasionally I’ll switch it up and go for the iced matcha latte. Also, their pastries are delicious and make for a great pairing with your coffee.


2. Tanner’s Coffee PDR

One of the most fun and unique coffee shops I have ever been to! If you love fun and different coffees--Tanner’s is the way to go. They have drinks such as a peanut butter latte or butterfinger mocha that taste just as good as they sound. Tanner’s has a really fun atmosphere too and is definitely a great spot to be for a coffee meet-up with someone. They love their customers so much and even have a polaroid board of all their regulars!


3. Blue Butterfly Coffee Co.

Located in El Segundo, Blue Butterfly is the cutest of cute coffee shops. If you want a coffee shop with a great food menu as well as beverages, this place takes the cake! Blue Butterfly is also located right on the street where the El Segundo Farmers Market takes place (every Thursday from 3-7pm), so you can grab a coffee as you walk around and look at the vendors. There is lots of seating area inside and could be a good change of scenery if you need a new work environment. 


4. Philz Coffee

I wasn’t going to include this one because I do think this L.A. coffee place is way over-hyped, but I just had to! The iced mint mojito house way from Philz is unstoppable. Nothing compares to its taste, sweetness, slight mintyness… I don’t think I could ever get sick of the flavor. In fact, I always chug my coffee if it’s from Philz. The workers at Philz are always so sweet and I just feel my day instantly better after a trip to Philz. There are so many locations all over Los Angeles, but I like the El Segundo one right next to Randy’s Donuts.


Hopefully this provided some new options for your next coffee trip! Let me know what coffee shops YOU think I need to try that I’m missing from this article!




Natalie Pernas is a sophomore Dance major & Public Relations minor at Loyola Marymount University. She grew up in Portland, OR, but recently relocated to Medford, NJ. Natalie is so excited to join Her Campus this year! When Natalie has free time, she loves taking spin classes, cooking, and drinking iced coffee!
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