Missing the Seasons

Coming from the midwest, I’ve experienced all four seasons my whole life: the bitter cold and snow of winter, the soft breeze and blossoming earth of spring, the sunshine and zen of summer, and the crisp air and warm leaves of autumn.


However, moving to California means I don’t have these changes anymore. As Halloween season is starting I’ve begun to miss decorating pumpkins, boots and beanies, and multi colored leaves. Now don't get me wrong, I love California’s warm and sunny weather...but I still feel stuck in summer. My mindset just hasn’t shifted to sweater weather.


If you’re feeling the same way as me, I’ve got some ideas to help. If I wasn't stuck in a dorm, lighting Bath & Body Works candles would be a homerun. Looking up pictures on google has definitely lessened the FOMO of fall weather. A picture is worth a thousand words after all. Watching Halloween movies or TV episodes is also a great way to experience fall and relax from crazy schoolwork. You can also look forward to seeing home for school breaks and getting in some of that seasonal fun!


Besides California’s heat is going to keep you from freezing in the winter, so enjoy it!