A Message Encouraging Students to & How to Vote in the Upcoming Midterms

I think we can all agree no matter what your political ideology is, U.S. Politics (excuse my language) are fucked up right now.  Whether you love Trump or loathe him, in a couple months (November 6th) his future presidential power will be determined by the outcome of the upcoming midterm elections. The midterms are an election in which all of the members of the House of Representatives are up for reelection as well as a third of the Senate.  As citizens of the United States, we vote directly for our representatives in Congress, and in return, they are supposed to represent our interests when making laws. Our current congress does not reflect us as a society and population as it is still overwhelmingly white, straight, Christian and male. This is an issue because how is the government going to be “for the people, by the people” if it doesn’t look like the people?

If you’ve managed to read this far, you are either motivated for change or you’re thinking, “well why should I care?”  A valid question which thankfully I have an answer to; drumroll…. because if you can and have the time and resources to help those that can’t, you have an opportunity to make a difference, and it would be sad to turn that down.  I’m not asking for much, voting is one of the easiest and most direct ways to become an active citizen. The United States has a staggeringly low voter turnout rate compared to other established democracies, but the numbers get even lower for voters ages 18 to 21.  My hope is that in the next election these numbers will change and young people will help change the demographics in Congress to have lawmakers that look like us.

In one last attempt to motivate you to cast your vote this November, I want to reference all the ways young people have been activists in the United States.  In January 2017 we had the Women’s March, which as a result created a women’s march youth organization that inspires young adults to be active citizens. The survivors of the Parkland shooting organized the March for Our Lives campaign and rallied for stricter gun laws to protect American children.  Also, Yara Shahidi (famous actress from blackish/grownish) created an initiative with Now This entitled Eighteenx18 to encourage her peers to vote in the midterms as “the 2018 Midterm elections will impact the most critical issues our generation faces.” She also just made a video with Jimmy Fallon about how to vote and all the things you can vote for, and to make it extra special it is animated like schoolhouse rock.  

Now that I have successfully convinced you to vote (I hope) you may need some help in actually becoming eligible to vote.  I imagine a lot of college students are like myself and are from out of state, and if you are already registered to vote in your home state, you can join me in sending in a request for an absentee ballot.  You get to fill out a form, send it in the mail and when it comes time to vote you will be sent your voting ballot. LMU also wants you to vote because they have made it really easy for you to register via PROWL.  The link allows you to register to vote in state for my native Californians and it also provides information for those filling absentee ballots.

I encourage all of you to vote in the upcoming midterms to make a difference in the US Government which for too long hasn’t represented Americans as we are today.  Vote for who you want to see in office!  Vote411.org is a great site to see the candidates, look at their goals and platform,and to help you determine who you want to represent you in Congress for the next two to six years.