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Mac Miller Songs That I Have a Great Appreciation For

As someone who’s super into music, Mac Miller’s lyricism and creativity is something that I have always appreciated. Although I am not very artistic when it comes to things like painting or drawing, music has always been a form of art where I feel I can express myself. Here is a list of some Mac Miller songs explained and some of my personal memories that go along with them. 

“The Spins”

This is a song in his album, K.I.D.S. This album was Mac Miller’s fourth mixtape and is the one that’s known for putting him on the map. Shortly after this album was released, he gained international recognition. When writing this mixtape, Mac was inspired by the movie Kids by Larry Clarke, a film that depicts a group of teenage kids running around New York City, partying, and hanging out with each other. This song has a special place in my heart because, to me, it’s a middle school throwback. I remember listening to this song and singing all the words with my friends. To this day, I still love blasting “The Spins” in the car while driving down PCH.


This is one of my all-time favorite Mac Miller songs and can be found in the GO:OD AM album. To Mac Miller, this album was supposed to represent a “reawakening” during a time in which he was struggling with addiction. This song was written about his then girlfriend, Nomi Leasure. They started dating in high school and even got matching tattoos that said, “rain or shine.” He mentioned that they were going through some hard times when he decided to write this song. This song is special to me because of the lyricism. The lyric, “…my heart skip a beat like a scratched CD”, caught my eye in particular. I think it’s sweet that even in a rough patch in their relationship, Mac was still able to express his love for Nomi. I have a vivid memory of listening to this song on repeat while on a plane; the sun was setting and it was beautiful. This is one of those memories that I’ll always associate with his song.

“Blue World”

This song is in the album Circles and is one of my absolute favorites. He compares the world to being blue – meaning the world is a sad place. Mac Miller himself struggled with depression and created an upbeat song to express that. This song is one that my brother and I can bond over. We have differences when it comes to our music taste, but the one thing we can usually agree on is the greatness of Mac’s songs. This is a song I will always remember listening to with my brother. 

These are just a few Mac Miller songs that have really made me appreciate the art of music. Each of these songs hold a special place in my heart because of the memories I associate with them; I could literally listen to him all day. If you have never listened to Mac Miller, I highly suggest starting with these 3 songs. 

My name is Tyler Johnson, and I am a Health and Human Sciences major from Laguna Beach, California. I love the beach and spending time with friends and family!
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